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sashmum Mon 11-Aug-08 16:29:23

Hi, just thought i would see how you got on at Chantepie?

We stopped off on our first night and had dinner on the terrace there, although we stayed in a cheap hotel overnight.

What did you think? And how was your weather?

Must say that although we loved that site we thought the site in Sarlat was even better, La Palombiere was just beautiful, The weather was fantastic, really nice and hot, and a lovely shaded pitch. The food in the restaurant was great. The pool complex fab and just a fantastic, beautiful place to take your holidays.

Must tell you about the music quiz, we joined in on our second night and with a bit of help from some french friends we made we won!!! Well you would think that maybe you would win a bottle of wine or maybe a meal but no, we won a light air craft flight for 3 people!! Which was just amazing, me and the two girls went and i can't begin to say how fantastic it was, the views were just fabulous.

Sorry didn't mean to show off but just had to say.

Well i will hopefully do a full review once all the washing and ironing is done but for now i just can't wait to go back.

hope you all had a fantastic time and lett me know how you got on.

Lucycat Thu 14-Aug-08 17:14:54


We have returned (malheuresement) from our French experience, Chantepie was just gorgeous, we had an XXL pitch so masses of room to spread outand trees for shade, the dd's loved the playground and the pools (dd1 can now dive up to Olympic standarad grin) and the views over the Loire were stunning.

Weather was overall great, we had a huge thunderstorm one afternoon, when it had been 36c, but we were in L'Eclerc and missed it - we only knew as all the lights went out! We also had a drizzly day, but even that cleared in the evening so we could still sit outside at night.

However, nobody told up that 6000 cyclists were descending on Saumur for the Semaine International cycliste that week - it was crawling with men and women in cycling lycra who were old and wrinkly enough to know better! grin They were just everywhere!!

Have drunk too much rose wine at 1.65e, eaten too much pate, bread and cheese and I really didin't want to come home, dd2 cried when we left.

Roll on 2009, is it too early to start looking at France campsites for next year?

We are going to get a trailer for next year too blush

Glad you enjoyed Palombiere sashmum, we fancy the Dordogne next.

Lucycat Thu 14-Aug-08 17:15:48

(crikey that was a long post wasn't it blush)

sashmum Fri 15-Aug-08 16:27:24

I'm so glad you had a good time.

I too have eaten and drunk far too much, and am really struggling to get back into sensible eating mode.

The site is wonderful and the views amazing. Sorry about the cyclists, obviously we never had them last year, not a pretty site i imagine, unless they were young fit french men!!

I know what you mean about booking next year, i have already been working out a few dates and figures. We want our eldest and her boyfriend to come with us next year, so we are getting together at the weekend to have a chat about it all. I have already received next years keycamp brochere, (thats how sad i am!!) my husband just looks at me as if i'm mad.

I would definately recommend the dordogne as it is so beautiful, we didn't get round to doing half of the things we wanted to will have to go back next year now.

It just all goes so quickly, so roll on summer 2009

Lucycat Fri 15-Aug-08 20:46:08

oh no there were no young fit French blokes - all over 60!

Have you heard of this site in the Dordogne? I spotted it in the Cool Camping book and it looks great but I can't find any reviews - yet!

We shall also use the tunnel and our Quechua pop-ups for overnight stops next year, as dd1 was really ill on the ferry envy that ws the colour of her face.....sad

sashmum Mon 18-Aug-08 15:12:11

Sorry not heard of that site, does look nice though.

What ferry crossing did you use. On the way back our crossing was a bit wobbly and lots of people had gone a funny shade of green. Luckily we only did the dover calais route so not on for too long.

I can't believe we have been back now for over a week, seems like so long ago since france sad

Lucycat Mon 18-Aug-08 15:54:55

We did the Caen-Portsmouth crossing as it's only (hmm) 3 1/2 hours for us on the English side to get home then.

I know France does seem so long ago....sad

This weather doesn't help though - I'm so glad we didn't do Cornwall this year, we had fabulous weather last year in Cornwall and Devon but after a very wet week at Whit in Devon - well France was the best choice by far!

How did you get on without your own tent? You were in a pre-erected / mobile this year weren't you?

sashmum Tue 19-Aug-08 19:08:53

We stayed in a 2 bed 'villanova' mobile home with keycamp, it was very nice. It was lovely to have our own loo and shower and also a fridgefreezer and proper oven. It made life a lot easier. All we had to take was sheets, towels and our clothes.

Also more room to bring wine home with us!!!LOL

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