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Please tell me all about camping...............

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anniebear Sun 10-Aug-08 13:15:50

we have gone mad and just bought a tent

The thought of our very noisy kids and us in a tent, one has special needs and wakes early, petrified of dogs

totally mad!

But we bought it anyway!!!!

(we have a lovely luxuary static caravan!!!! but are struggling to pay the fee's)

what do we need now? how do we keep our food cool if we stay for a couple of nights? Or do you just buy at the time you need it?

I presume most kids make noise in the morning!!!!!??

Are families up and about early or are you meant to keep the kids quiet till a reasonable hour?

Please do tell me lots!!! Hints and tips welcome

Thank you so much

deanychip Sun 10-Aug-08 14:02:49

We buy stuff each day,
Impossible to keep kids quiet which is why tents are reasonably spaced apart, niose is all part of the camping game in my opinion.
There are well thought out and well signposted rules of camping on most well organised sites... no noise after 10pm, pick up litter that kind of thing.

take lots of carrier bags for rubbish and stuff.

dont mind rain...its the muddy mess that gets dragged into the tent, wellies a must.

Slubberdegullion Sun 10-Aug-08 14:07:32

A lot of campsites have a freezer. Just take a long a cool box and have some ice blocks in that, and some in the freezer and swap them around in the morning & evening. We only have milk and butter and sometimes bacon or yoghurts in there, the rest we buy daily.

Noise by kids is to be expected but most people try to keep things down between 10pm -7am. We have books and snacks in the tent for early morning risers.

We head off again tomorrow. I am meant to be packing stuff now hmm

BBBee Sun 10-Aug-08 15:03:24

take crocs

take cards

buy food each day (prefarbly non-cookable pitta and houmous)

have fish and chips

take kitchen towel

take clothes pegs

take lots of socks and underwear

take warm stuff

take a pillow

take wind up torch

take books

take extra towels

children seem to sleep much better when camping and noise is tolerated

have a good time

Blandmum Sun 10-Aug-08 17:00:34

Lots of sites have 'quiet hours' from 10-7 11-8 sort of thing. Sadly people don't allways take notice and don't seem to realise that voices carry at night when you are in a tent.

Daft cow on the pitch next to us was making a hell of a noise after 11. someone must have told her to shut up because she said, 'Apparantly my voice carries'. At which point I said loudly, 'Yes it bloody does!'

She then lowered her vpoice to a more resasonbable level !.

No one will expect babies and littlies to be silent but people would probably be a bit miffed if you had a three ring circus going on at 6! smile

anniebear Sun 10-Aug-08 17:54:31

a three ring circus..........? Oh we are much louder than that lol lol


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