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Campoing life hol in Italy htis Thurs - first time on my own with kids! HELP!!

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Leslaki Sat 09-Aug-08 15:51:42

For the last 6 years we've gone camping with Cmping/Canvas Life as a family to France and now ex H has left us so I'm going it alone just me and the dv's!! shock Have been all brave about it until now but now that it's nearly here I'm getting nervous!

can't decide silly things like whether I should take 2 big wheely suitcases or 1 with a big rucksack!!! Have been totally unprepared this year -norammly I have all documents sorted, now I'm scrabbling around trying to find things!

Can't decide whether to get bus from aorport to campsite - apparently there's a stop right outside but I'm thinkign in terms of how much hassle will it be on my own with 5 and 6 year old and LUGGAGE!! AAARGH!!1 Alo will anyone speak to me when we're there as these campsites are always very family orientated and in the 6 years we've been I don't think I've ever seen a 1 parent family.

Anyway, know I'm rambling and sound very ditzy but can sompen please help boost my confidence? Thanks!

We're goingt o Camping Portofelice in case anyone's been and has tips (Eraclea Mare/Caorle)

JT109 Sat 09-Aug-08 17:07:18

you will love it . iwent to caorle 3 years ago. brill beaches . there are lots of things to do in the eve to entertain your kids. we stayed at san francisco which is livelier . dont stress about being a single parent . im sure your kids will make friends and that will help you to talk to people. think about the time of your flight as to whether you take the bus! are your kids helpful, why dont they take asmall rucksack each to lighten your load. dont forget your suncream and have a lovely time. also venice isnt far away but will be stifling and busy ..good luck jan

ChippyMinton Sat 09-Aug-08 23:21:30

Hi Leslaki
I am just back from acapulco on your recommendation and had a great time
Sorry to hear about your ex-DH. You will be fine on your own, I am certain - after all you know the caravan/campsite set-up. Look on the bright side - you have only yourself and your DC to please
Can you cut your luggage to an absolute minimum? Have you hired bedlinen & beach towels? Give the DC a backpack each and they can only take a couple of small toys etc that will fit in it, and can borrow from the courier toy chest. Buy bulky stuff like shower gel on arrival. If you have to take two bags, a rucksack is a good idea as you'll have one hand free to hold little hands.
Pursuade the DC to spend a couple of hours a day at the kids club so you get a break, and have a lovely holiday.

Leslaki Sun 10-Aug-08 10:09:47

Thanks guys! I know we'll be fine - it's just the reality hitting me now I think!!! I'm so used to bunging everything in a car! I do fly with the kids up and down to Scotland a few times a year but it's different when you're going to a familiar place! Yeah, I've hired the linen , towels etc and the dcs are very excited about kids club - thank god!!!
Chippy - so pleased you enjoyed Acapulco! It's fab isn't it? Always a slight worry when you recommend somoewhere that the other person won't like it so I'm glad you did!

JT - pleased to her Caorle's nice! Yes - kids ahve been told they have to carry their own bags with their toys so that's gonna be their contribution!

Fingers crossed....

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