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Going on our first camping trip......TONIGHT!!

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Heartmum2Jamie Fri 08-Aug-08 13:13:47

OMG, I am scared and excited. Scared as the ds's (7 & 4) have never been camping before, plus I am 28+ weeks pregnant and knowing my luck it will rain, lol!

I am excited as this morning I went and bought the gas bottle & an EHU and mananged to find a site not to far from where we wanted to go (first choice was full)that can accomodate us on a pitch with EHU (explained about ds's medical condition, hence we need heat if needs be).

Now, all I need to do is calm down, get everything ready and keep my fingers crossed that things go smoothly.

LilRedWG Fri 08-Aug-08 15:26:56

Have a wonderful wonderful time.

Even if it rains it is fun and as long as you can get DS warm and dry again, which you will be able to with the heater and a warm shower, then you'll be fine.

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