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Staying in a keycamp tent - apart from lidded bucket, any other essentials to take?

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DoubleBluff Thu 07-Aug-08 15:29:08

Will i need to take a mirror?

ThePettyandIllinformedGoat Thu 07-Aug-08 15:31:29

[boak] @ lidded bucket. it really isn't that hard to just walk to a loo.

they will have mirrors in the loo's too.

DoubleBluff Thu 07-Aug-08 15:39:49

bucket for kids if need loo in middle of night

ThePettyandIllinformedGoat Thu 07-Aug-08 15:40:42

still [boak]!

where are you going?

DoubleBluff Thu 07-Aug-08 15:44:16

Messanges, north of Bairritz

sunnytimer Thu 07-Aug-08 15:45:51

Message withdrawn

ThePettyandIllinformedGoat Thu 07-Aug-08 15:47:26

lovely! they have better supermarkets over there anyway. i browsing in forgeign haberdashery departments (but maybe that is just me)! i think the joy of keycamping it is not needing to bring so much stuff.

DoubleBluff Thu 07-Aug-08 15:48:30

i know, cannot wait. Somone suggested old flip flops for the showers in case they are not too clean!

sunnytimer Thu 07-Aug-08 16:07:54

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Thu 07-Aug-08 16:10:06


Even in prisons they don't have these any more do they???

And showers so dirty you need flip flops <shudder>

You have just re-inforced my horror of camping!

FluffyMummy123 Thu 07-Aug-08 16:11:52

Message withdrawn

DoubleBluff Thu 07-Aug-08 16:28:08

No that is LAbenn ocean but we are not far from there.

DoubleBluff Thu 07-Aug-08 16:28:42

We are going to Le Vieux Porte

Annner Fri 08-Aug-08 22:45:58

We have now done two Eurocamp holidays in France and have just invested in one these wheeled crates from Staples.

Although the price on the website says 34.99, it was only 15 quid in the shop.

The reason? Lugging your washing up to and from the washing up facilities. Yes, you can carry it in a washing up bowl, but once you've got your cloth, washing up liquid, etc., your arms tend to ache somewhat. It folds flat for the boot of the car, and we're also thinking that it will be dead handy for lugging stuff to and from the pool instead of DH groaning beneath the weight of towels, toys, lotion.....

It's also come in very handy for UK camping trips.

Annner Fri 08-Aug-08 22:48:55

Oh, and don't forget to take lots of cloth shopping bags, as the French supermarkets don't give plastic shopping bags out any more. Of course, you may wish to upgrade your collection of bags for life with a few snazzy French ones, but we took our own as they take up so little space and can be filled with goodies for the return trip.

Which means that you also need to remember to take old plastic bags to use as bin liners (big bin liners get too heavy and stinky to run to the bin) or for washing, smelly swim nappies. We got through a couple a day.

Annner Fri 08-Aug-08 22:50:12

Eurocamp/ Keycamp give you a good mirror in the tent.

However, straighteners, hairdryers etc. would probably blow the power supply, which is more suited to dainty phones and toothbrushes.

overthemill Fri 08-Aug-08 22:54:04

we use eurocamp too but they are the same company.

I think the tents are really well equipped and you don't need to take much. Actually just done my list for next week (6 days and counting grin)

they have a good size coolbox but you may want to take your own as well.

we take hanging up wash bags. sharp knife. food bags, couple of tupperwares, tea towels!!

we also take a big plastic box for washing up (stacking it , carrying it and then drying it in).

take either a big box or bag (i use those big blue ikea ones) to carry wet towels to and fro pool/beach and also to take stuff to the washing machines (if you will want to do that on hol!)

i always take tea bags and coffee as i like those brands! and i take pasta/sauce for first night tea and long life milk for that cup of tea when we get there!

otherwise obv food is fab there although this year may be more expensive

overthemill Fri 08-Aug-08 22:56:00

oh, if you like to read in bed/tent - take a decent light with you. The lights they supply are ok but by now the light at night isn't much cop. we take dinky little book lights and a whopping great big camping light. and a torch for late night visits to the loo!

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