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Desperately trying to go on our first weekend camping trip

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Heartmum2Jamie Thu 07-Aug-08 13:38:42

But we keep looking at the weather and deciding against it and then being annoyed when the weather is not as bad as they predicted.

I am now very tempted to just up and go tomorrow. I have looked at the weather forcast and it doesn't look promising, but it seemt o me the only weather they can predict accurately is yesterdays weather

Are we made to just up and go with very little thought/planning put into it? We know where we want to go and it isn't too far from home (maybe just less than an hour) so we could come home if it was really miserable. Will we still enjoy ourselves in the rain? We have a wynnster eagle 6 with quite a decent size living space, so no need to worry about being crowded if stuck in the tent.

I guess my main worry is either the tent blowing away/leaking and putting a tent up/down in the pouring rain....oh, and ds2 (heart condition) being too cold as we don't have an EHU/heater yet.

Heartmum2Jamie Thu 07-Aug-08 13:45:55

Oh and can I ask where the best place to buy gas cannisters is? We have a camping stove with double burner and a grill.


Washersaurus Thu 07-Aug-08 13:50:08

I think just go for it, even if it rains it is only forecast to be showers I think.

I would pack lots of layers for DS and pop a picnic rug or similar under the beds to stop the cold coming up through the floor, it really makes a difference. Before we got our fancy tent carpet we put a large picnic blanket down in the living area too to make it a bit cosier.

I have no idea where DH gets our gas from blush

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