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Travedra campsite Sennon

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Beetroot Tue 05-Aug-08 16:16:56

Anyone there last week?

I met some great women who must have been mumsnutters
Mainly in the laundrette trying to dry out clothes!

SorenLorensen Tue 05-Aug-08 17:00:24

Sennen - in Cornwall? I wasn't there last week but I love Sennen - all my childhood holidays were spent there. Did you have a good holiday?

MrsDougRoss Tue 05-Aug-08 17:08:11

This thread made me leap in excitemnet i went to this very campsite every year for till i was 17, we were in caravan though. I do not think it had a laundrette then. I am hoping to take the kids there next year.

Beetroot Tue 05-Aug-08 17:11:33

no we didn't soren - it rained everyday bar 1

lovely place though - yes sennen!!

Beetroot Tue 05-Aug-08 17:13:21


Whizzz Tue 05-Aug-08 17:13:38

ooo I love the Roundhouse Gallery & the crab soup in the pub!

SorenLorensen Tue 05-Aug-08 17:14:37

We stayed here for years and years and years though it looks far more 'all mod cons' than when we were kids. We camped initially then stayed in a static caravan. There was a tiny shop - a wooden hut really, and toilets and showers in a concrete outbuilding. Really basic! And when we did upgrade to a caravan, which seemed like a big step up, we had no electricity (just gas lights) and no toilet/shower or hot water - you still had to trek up to the toilet block. But we had the most fantastic holidays there - it was always sunny, and we just ran wild, and Sennen (I still think) is the best beach ever.

MrsDougRoss Tue 05-Aug-08 17:14:56

My Dad was there 2 weeks ago, but do not think you mean him. It can be an awful if the weatther is bad. I remember when the mist sets in and you could not see your nose. Did your tent stay up? He siad lots were flattened this year/

SorenLorensen Tue 05-Aug-08 17:15:57

Awww, I'm sorry you had crap weather, beety - Cornwall is such an outdoorsy place you really need the sun to shine. I want to go now though (and we were only there in May/June!)

Beetroot Tue 05-Aug-08 17:16:03

\link\ this place is fantastic} had diner there and took 8 kids. The place was wonderful just wonderful

Beetroot Tue 05-Aug-08 17:18:03

the sennen cove beach is really not that g reat now.

the life guards are a nightmare all whistles and quad bikes.

Beetroot Tue 05-Aug-08 17:18:41

this place is fantastic

MrsDougRoss Tue 05-Aug-08 17:20:06

we always used to go to the beach from the campsite, the one down the big hill, it is probably not as big now, but used to take us ages to get back up

SorenLorensen Tue 05-Aug-08 17:20:08

The lifeguards are quite militant these days - still want to go now though!

Beetroot Tue 05-Aug-08 17:21:03

Mrs D yes tyhat one si great - still life guard maniacs though. but kids loved it

MrsDougRoss Tue 05-Aug-08 17:22:36

the tide used to be a bit mad ad there is a shelf when he tide comes in so, it got deep really quickly. Dad used to just throw us in. Ah the memories

Beetroot Tue 05-Aug-08 17:24:13

yes that deep water is amazing and then when the tide goes out you can wolk forages

snorkle Tue 05-Aug-08 17:45:28

Some friends of ours were there beetroot. We only ever see them in Cornwall, but they phoned last week to say they were going down. Quite noticable looks, 13yo dd and baby ds. As far as I know they don't mumsnet. They used to have a traditional canvas tent, but now have an old camper van I think.

Beetroot Tue 05-Aug-08 17:53:25

oh snorkle - dn't think I saaw them

reallygutted Tue 05-Aug-08 18:09:00

They may have seen the weather forecast and changed their minds beetroot! So sorry it was wet for you - it is truely glorious there in the sun.

Beetroot Tue 05-Aug-08 18:17:50

I think we will go again next year. it was a family event 18 of us all togeterh and that made it fun.

I tried to persuade them to to Brittany next year but they are not that adventrous

theexmrsfederer Tue 05-Aug-08 19:19:24

We were at Sennen Cove two summers ago (the last time we actually HAD a summer).

We had two glorious weeks of sunny hot days one after the other on the beach. I LOVE the way the tide comes in so quickly and fiercely, takes so many people by surprise (not in a dangerous way, just getting your beach rug and picnic lunch wet through!)

When we got home we were so tanned people thought we had been abroad!

I LIKE the lifeguards to be bossy, at least you know they are taking care of peoples safety.

Ohhh, I want to go back now. I expect it is nowhere near the same if you can't stretch out in your bikini. What a shame for the OP, you truly didn't get the best of it. British weather-pah!

Beetroot Tue 05-Aug-08 19:36:45

the life guards hae changed I think and are now ridiculous,
it was life the middle of London - manic gestures and louds whistles and speeding quad bikes.

all was fine - they were being too cautiosu

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