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Leaking groundsheet seams on Vango Aspen 500 dlx

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LittleB Tue 05-Aug-08 10:58:32

Have just returned from camping on Exmoor and our SIG was letting in water through its seams, I did find a couple of small holes which I repaired but then realised it was coming in all along the seam in our main living area and dd's bedroom (which has no holes and hardly any wear. We've only had it since last summer, and spent about 15 days camping in it (spread over 5 trips). We've had a footprint groundsheet for most of that time. Vango are saying return it to them and they'll quote repair costs - which from looking at their website will be £50-75 for a new groundsheet. I don't want to pay this if its gong to start leaking again! Would rather buy a different tent. Unless its just faulty and should be covered by guarantee. I've sent another e-mail off to Vango asking this again. Anyway has anyone else experienced this? Should I have been waterproofing the groundsheet seams? I do the main tent. What do you all think!

We've got the same tent, and had no problems whatsoever. Admittedly only used the tent for 2 weeks but had no problems. Were camping in it last week, and although had several thunderstorms, the only "leak" was under the front porch door onto the non-sig.

I would speak to Vango again, this isn't what I'd expect of a tent of their standard. As you say it's not been used that much, and I would expect tents to be water proof (haven't waterproofed our one). From what you've said, I'm not impressed by their customer service.

Didn't know they did the footprint for the Aspen - where did you get yours from?

flowerfairy Tue 05-Aug-08 22:01:07

Am interested in this thread too. We bought our apsen at the end of the summer last year and have had no problems so far. Have only been on 4 camping trips and would like to know if this is a common fault or just wear and tear, though your 5 trips does not sound excessive by any stretch.

flowerfairy Tue 05-Aug-08 22:02:16

Oh yes where did you get your footprint?

LittleB Wed 06-Aug-08 12:17:27

Thanks, Vango got back to me and said it sounds like it could well be under warranty, I need to take it back to the supplier who will look it over and send back to Vango if they also think it should be covered under warranty. Got my footprint groundsheet from here which is where I got my tent from, although it cost an extra £30 last year! I'll let you know what Vango say.

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