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Erm, what should I take for ds (12 months) to sleep in again???

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mummyc Mon 04-Aug-08 23:30:11

Apologies for being a bit thicko over this, I've spent ages tonight researching your posts to see what to take or to buy for DS for our imminent camping trip and I'm getting all confused. We're cheating a bit with a pre-erected tent job at a campsite in Jersey, so not toasty warm but not the highlands of Scotland. They are providing a travel cot which we need for our little wriggler however I'm all in a tiz over a baby sleeping bag (coleman / vango) vs fleecy sleepsuit (next ones warm enough?) and his 2.5 tog grobag and a blanket, all with pjs underneath - will he boil alive? Does he need a hat too? Should it be pjs and fleecy suit and sleeping bag? What about the jojomamanbebe sleeping bags with arms? And if the fleecy suits are good to keep him warm in the morning should he also have some waterproofs for the wet field? He's been walking about a month so not that steady on grass, and I guess too little for wellies so what do you put on their feet?? Have I really spent 3 hours on this with no conclusion??? (which is what I guarantee DH will say in the next 5 min as I was moaning on about being tired earlier...)

Used to be really into camping but post-baby can't even remember what I need to take for me to sleep in!!! smile

Any advice much appreciated. Next question is on hiring roofboxes.....grin

ratbunny Mon 04-Aug-08 23:33:27

take an all in one waterproof suit - you can get them in mothercare etc. great for rainy days
how about taking both bags and some long sleeved pjs? if he is cold you can put a vest / socks on. too hot, change to short sleeves.
dunno about shoes - what does he wear to go outside now?

mummyc Mon 04-Aug-08 23:41:33

thanks ratbunny, didn't think about mothercare for waterproofs, was clocking up loadsa dosh the DH says I can't spend on little trekkers adding posh waterproofs to basket!!

he has little start rite shoes he wears outside now, officially for cruising as he's in the littlest size of 2.5, but they are leather sandal things and wouldn't keep in dry in long-ish grass

mummyc Mon 04-Aug-08 23:42:37

oh and don't have a baby sleeping bag yet, would buy one if it was the best way to keep him warm but worried he'll just wriggle right back out of it!

gigglewitch Mon 04-Aug-08 23:56:51

we got tiny tiny dc the smallest size in wellies (4) and big socks, they were hilarious as they worked a treat and baby stayed standing cos of the huge feet grin

we tog our dc in long pj's, fleecy suit and figure out the temperature from there. DD has a "blooming marvellous" grobag thingy and a cotton blanket as she tends not to want the fleecy suit.
Does any of that help or have i confused you more blush

gigglewitch Tue 05-Aug-08 00:00:08

have you had a look at Togz waterproofs? they are fab and you can get them at good prices on ebay wink

mummyc Tue 05-Aug-08 00:05:39

lol at the idea of a baby statue in wellies, might have to do that just for cuteness!! Where did you find size 4 wellies gigglewitch? They looked at me like I was mad for asking for small wellies in the shoe shops...also when I was trying to buy him slippers for nursery!

I think I'll go with the fleecy suit and grobags rather than buying a baby sleeping bag then, although did you mean if it's cold you put your dc in a sleeping bag...?

It's so much harder to choose stuff trying to be frugal, before we had ds I would have just gone 'stuff it, I'll get x and problem solved' but now every decision has to be the right one, arrrgh

gigglewitch Tue 05-Aug-08 00:22:01

bargain baby-size welllies mostly in the cheap-shops like woolies asda etc grin
the boys tend to go with pj's and fleecy suit, then the one who is always too warm (everywhere) just has a blanket for getting knotted up in hmm whilst the one like me who is always freezing, graduated to sleeping bag at 4yo, before that he had a grobag <stopped him running off, fantastic> DD is 2 and has been camping and caravanning since 4mo shock and i think you've already had a rundown of her night-time kit grin Forgot to mention she won't sleep without her cotton hat tho hmm she is a proper little hat-lady though so don't read paranoid parenting into that one grin
I pick up all sorts of bits at asda, Aldi and lidl when they get their camping stuff in, as i am tight economical wink

mummyc Tue 05-Aug-08 08:50:20

thanks v much gigglewitch, I reckon a combination of fleecy suits and grobags and jumpers will give me good flexibility! Really looking forward to camping loads and know I'll be chilled once we get there, but in the meantime will be a bossy, overbearing cow (and maybe for a little while once we get there, years of guides and D of E training means I' m a fussy camper and like the windows to be rolled a certain way and the tent all swept out and the seams straight etc blush) while I decide what we need to take so I can feel relaxed once we get there.... maybe should just back many many boxes of wine actually....grin

mummyc Tue 05-Aug-08 08:50:55

or I could pack the wine, even....

gigglewitch Tue 05-Aug-08 19:51:56

do what you want with the wine, back it hmm or pack it, just make sure there's lots of it grin

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