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QUICK! 5-MINUTE TENT CHALLENGE! starting now (17.08) ++++++ HELP!

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QuintessentialShadows Sat 02-Aug-08 17:07:15

I have 5 minutes to chose between the Vango Ventura 500 and the Eurohike Sandringham.
DH is in London, he is in Millets NOW and asked me to call him in 5 minutes with final choice!



Vango Ventura

QuintessentialShadows Sat 02-Aug-08 17:15:29

Gosh, nobody is interested in my predicatment. sad
Chose the Vango.

tiredemma Sat 02-Aug-08 17:15:34

we have vango- they are FAB.


tiredemma Sat 02-Aug-08 17:15:56

x posts!! Good choice!

QuintessentialShadows Sat 02-Aug-08 17:16:04

Thanks! grin
Glad to hear it!

QuintessentialShadows Sat 02-Aug-08 17:24:27

But to be honest I rather have this...

tiredemma Sat 02-Aug-08 17:40:50

Of course.

I want to travel around the States in a Winnibago. Not a chance says DP.

He had a burst of camping inspiration earlier and suggested France next year. Thats as exciting as it gets im afraid.

QuintessentialShadows Sat 02-Aug-08 20:09:00

We went in an old banger of a campervan for 5 weeks in Europe last summer.

But, dh went and bought the Sandringham afterall.... hmm

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