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just back from camping in the frigging rain, nine force gales etc etc

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sallystrawberry Sat 02-Aug-08 12:06:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moosemama Sat 02-Aug-08 12:11:25

I completely sympathise - think we've only just dried out - and we came back early! Where were you? We were in Cornwall - the gales were unbelievable.

We've got another week booked later in August, seriously considering ditching it and going to visit family in Ireland instead - at least bungalows don't tend to leak or blow away grin !

Ceolas Sat 02-Aug-08 12:14:13

Such a pitty, Sally

I keep asking DH to go camping but he says DD3 is still too little (11 months!). Next year maybe...

sparklesandnowinefor12weeks Sat 02-Aug-08 12:33:11

I sympathise with you sad

it makes it really crap when its wet doesn't it!

We're going in a couple of weeks to Isle of Wight and Dorset, i just hope the weather is ok - i don't care if its not sunny just as long as its not too wet

I live in Cambs and its supposed to be nice round here on mon and tues, come this way if its not too far smile

Troutpout Sat 02-Aug-08 14:03:11

oh poo Sally
It's horrible when it's like that isn't it..and you are just stuck like sitting ducks listening to every blast of wind. (Hate the blardy wind)
We are off again a week today to Anglesey with sorenlorensen and her crew...have already started looking at metcheck

Troutpout Sat 02-Aug-08 14:04:54

how was your new gear Sally?
I lerve my new table grin

sallystrawberry Sat 02-Aug-08 16:19:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RubberDuck Sun 03-Aug-08 09:42:31

Oooo was the weather bad this last week then? We were in East Anglia (near Hemsby) and we had one thunderstormy night and a bit of wind/showers on the last day but otherwise was really hot (too hot really).

Mind you - it's toooo flat in East Anglia - and no nice sunsets over the sea... would have preferred the Gower

mumblechum Sun 03-Aug-08 17:49:10

DH and DS went off to Suffolk today for 5 days. The forecast is pretty crap and I'm half expecting them back after a couple of damp days sad

Fennel Sun 03-Aug-08 19:17:09

We had lots of wind and sun but very little rain on a cliff in Dorset all week. but we're setting off again into the rain to Salcombe tomorrow. It doesn't look inspiring.

expatinscotland Sun 03-Aug-08 19:19:32

we've had ONE dry day here this week.

we're supposed to get another tomorrow, but that's about it.

GordonBrownKickingHisHeels Sun 03-Aug-08 19:19:58

you big southern softie that would be considered a fine night in scotland!

sallystrawberry Mon 04-Aug-08 00:18:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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