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noonar Fri 01-Aug-08 19:10:34

off to lake garda soon. spent a fortune on bravissimo bikinis. cant wait to complete my poolside look with a latex swimming cap hmm

does anyone know if this campsite enforces the compulsory swimming hat rule???

noonar Fri 01-Aug-08 19:19:55

sorry. thread too specific, really. do italian sites generally take this rule seriously. dh has no hair-lol!

PeaMcLean Sun 03-Aug-08 08:21:04

I've been to four Italian campsites and only one took it seriously. and that was the one at Lake Garda. Sorry. They sell little fabric ones around and about, marginally better than plastic. Garda's gorgeous though.

noonar Sun 03-Aug-08 09:20:28

thanks pea. how about the no swim shorts- speedos only rule??

PeaMcLean Sun 03-Aug-08 09:26:39

Don't remember that being a problem. DH definitely wore shorts even in the Garda campsite.

noonar Sun 03-Aug-08 09:34:30

maybe i'm getting muddled up with french village pools- lol!

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