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Has anyone been to Folly Farm Touring & Caravan Park in Crawley, Winchester?

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lou031205 Thu 31-Jul-08 13:45:53

We have finally found somewhere with a spare pitch for tomorrow night. It sounds great for us:

-Can arrive whenever we like after 06.30.
-Dog welcome (no extra charge)
-Large 8 man tent £16 per night.
-Access to kitchen with toaster, kettle, fridge/freezer.
-Free showers.
-Farm animals on site.

Has anyone camped there before?

Bunch Thu 31-Jul-08 13:51:35

Yes, we've been there. We thought it was fine. Not sure about all the things you've mentioned, I guess you've checked but the showers did cost money. Think they were 60p a go or something like that. There were chickens, geese, ducks, v. annoying cockerels, pigs (Just had piglets which my DCs loved). Have to say tho, I wasn't impressed with the toilets and showers. I am a bit fussy TBH but they weren't very clean. Also, it is next to a road which got a bit noisy at times. However, I would go back there, have already been there a couple of times. Hope that helps and have a lovely time!

lou031205 Thu 31-Jul-08 17:56:04

Thank you bunch. This is only what the lady told me today when I booked. To be honest, we are only going to test drive our new tent before taking it for a long weekend at the end of the month.

We live about 20 minutes away, so it isn't a huge holiday.

I'm glad that you would return - it can't have been that bad, then!

Bunch Fri 01-Aug-08 11:40:54

I only live about 20 an hour away and that's why we used it the first time too!! Have fun!

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