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Lack of consideration in the showers

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handlemecarefully Mon 28-Jul-08 00:19:00

Just come back from annual camping trip (haven't really got the stamina for more than once per year but will do it annually since dc's seem to love the whole experience). Was only 2 ladies showers for 2 fields at campsite. Given that this was so, where do people get off spending so fecking long in the shower when there is a queue of 8 people (im)patiently waiting?

Is it just me who thinks - "hey, big queue...I'll hurry this one up" and I'm finished well within 5 minutes. After all, how long does it take to splosh a bit of shower gel around your crucial bits?

Are people who spend longer than 5 minutes in the shower in these circumstances inconsiderate and ill bred? Discuss

gigglewitch Mon 28-Jul-08 00:32:51

<sharp intake of breath>
choose different time to shower
OR take a loud DC with you who will say frequently "Mummy why are we still waiting?"
OR pick a site with more showers


Of course you are correct that these people who spend more than five seconds, never mind whole minutes shockin the showers are totally inconsiderate. And i do agree that sloshing a bit of shower gel / baby bath blush round the necessities is quite adequate.
Then again, it would be reasonable to expect more than a measly two showers as well.
We've just had a lovely weekend away, and i met no-one in the shower block at all
hmm <dirty buggers>

solidgoldbrass Mon 28-Jul-08 02:24:47

Tch,YABU. They areprobably having explosive diarrhoea in there and need to make sure they have cleaned up all traces.

handlemecarefully Tue 29-Jul-08 17:24:56

That's why I wear the dreaded and much maligned (whispers) 'crocs' in the shower!

What about women who put on a full face of make up in the shower cubicle when there are perfectly good mirrors in the loos?

This happened last year and pissed me off no end.

Washersaurus Thu 31-Jul-08 10:55:20

WTWTW - They do that because they are so hideously ugly dont ya know grin

I do take a bit a longer in the shower when my hair needs a good wash and condition, but otherwise I'm all for speed. I managed to shower myself and DS1 in less time than some ladies spent in the shower cubicle whilst camping at the weekend.

handlemecarefully Thu 31-Jul-08 14:48:18

Yep, ditto me. I had 4 yr old and 6 yr old in with me and reckon we took around 10 minutes (a creditable 3.33 minutes each grin)

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