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what types of pots/frying pan do you use whilst camping??

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lovecamping Sun 27-Jul-08 22:36:06

i'd brought the Coleman family cooking set, with non stick coating and this morning the non-stick had already gone on the frying pan. how pants is that, lucky i still have the receipt.

so i need recommendations please - what kind of pots do u use and is it any good.

we're a family of 5 so need some larger than the average zise ... thank you very much

horace Sun 27-Jul-08 22:58:00

i'm just about to get some pans. thought i'd just get some cheap non stick ones from supermarket or wilcos. we are a family of 5 too. so will check back for any advice.

FourArms Mon 28-Jul-08 07:41:28

I decided to buy a new frying pan for home, and take my old one. I will also take my old milk pan (I always save this when I get a new set as I find having two useful), and an old pan which I usually use as a deep fat frying pan.

pookamoo Mon 28-Jul-08 22:50:32

DH says:

"Most of the camping pots and pans I've seen are not particularly good, especially if you are cooking for more than two people. We normally take a Wok with us and do most of our cooking in that. It works really well."

"I also like the idea of the Indian stacking 'tiffin' lunch boxes which look like they might be really useful for camping."

So now he's interested in mumsnet as he's found out there's a camping section!! grinwink

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