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help! where can i get fuel for my campingaz stove/ grill

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friendly Sat 26-Jul-08 23:46:51

I went into millets today to buy fuel for my new campingaz stove and was told i needed to order it from calor gas. Thrown into a slight panic as we are off next weekend. Surely I must be able to buy fuel somewhere. I stupidly chose the stove online at gooutdoors because it looked nice and i assumed i would be able to buy fuel from any camping shop. I need 904 and 907 cylinders apparently. thank you

theITgirl Sat 26-Jul-08 23:57:49

Look in your local yellow pages and ring round a few calor gas suppliers, at least some of them will also do campingaz.
Do you have the cannisters already?
If you do its a doddle.
If you don't I bet that the calor gas people who do refills have a good chance of selling the cylinders and if not they will know someone who does.
They should also be able to give you the number of someone local to your campsite for refills.

Where are you going camping? If off to France it may be easier (& cheaper) to wait till you are there and pick some up at the local supermarket.

theITgirl Sat 26-Jul-08 23:59:43

Just thought

Did you new stove come with an adaptor to the gas cannisters as they are quite often sold seperately - open the box and check.

friendly Sun 27-Jul-08 19:16:09

Thank you Itgirl. I can't believe I'm being so dense about this. I have looked on ukcampsite and still abit confused! The stove comes (haven't got it yet) with a hose and regulator. It's made by campingaz. Does that mean I will need to get another adaptor in order to use calor gas? I don't have a cannister and have searched this on mumsnet they seem quite expensive but will have to take the plunge. Feel a bit uneasy about travelling with a cannister of gas in the boot too! I am going to Cornwall. Millets gave me an 0800 number for calor gas which i will ring tomorrow. I live in Brighton and the sales assistant thought I might be able to pick some gas up in Shoreham. I don't know. I just wish I'd researched the stove a bit more and maybe bought a simpler one!

Rowlers Sun 27-Jul-08 19:20:05

Try this 82095&GridN=50.82095&GridE=-0.14017&count=10&db=GB&place=Brighton%2C%20Brighton%20and%20Hove%2C%20Ea st%20Sussex%2C%20England%2C%20BN1%201&srec=0&pc=&applianceservicing=pc%20!&client=calor5&addr3=brigh ton&scale=&submit2=Search%20for%20outlets&appliancesales=pc%20!
hope it helps!

thelittlestbadger Sun 27-Jul-08 19:25:59

Camping gas and calor gas are different. I think Calor gas is usually used in caravans and sold in bigger quantities. MOst campsites and marinas should sell camping gas or will be able to tell you where you can get it.

friendly Sun 27-Jul-08 19:35:03

Thanks everyone and thank you rowlers for that link. I'll get on the phone tomorrow. Just trying to tick things off the list and so cross to find I had to add something!

dylsmum1998 Sun 27-Jul-08 19:54:18

we had that prob when we got ours we went to a local camping shop. ours cost £35 for the cylinder (904) and i think it was £15 to fill it

FourArms Sun 27-Jul-08 21:55:25

I was also a bit shocked by the price of the [empty] cylinder, but have managed to get one from the tip today. The first tip that I tried wouldn't sell them on (very angry as they had several and really wanted one for a friend too), but got one at the second tip that we tried for just £3. Just have to hope it works now!

GrinningGorilla Sun 27-Jul-08 21:58:53

I get my gas from the local petrol station. They have a little lock up container where they keep the cannisters and will swap your empty for a full. Ring round your local petrol stations you may be lucky

friendly Sun 27-Jul-08 22:42:14

Thanks again everyone. GG I don't have an empty one. Do some petrol stations sell them full do you know? Fourarms were they up for sale in your tip or did you make them an offer? How can you tell if it's all right or not?! I'm new to camping and feeling greener by the day! smile

FourArms Mon 28-Jul-08 08:07:00

They were selling them Friendly. They said £5 each, but they only wanted £3 for that one since it was small.

Usually when you get a new one, you just swap in the old cyclinder for a new full one, so hopefully if it doesn't work (some gas in it so will test first), we'll get a new one anyway.

friendly Mon 28-Jul-08 10:16:43

I have spoken to someone at Calor gas today. Their shop in Shoreham sells Calor, Campingaz and Primus. They are so expensive though! Campingaz 907 £65.99 the 904 £55.49. Primus £51.97 (including new regulator at £9.99). Calor gas £29.99 to hire cylinder, £15.00 to fill and £9.99 for new regulator. Still not quite sure which option to go for. ?? Will probably have a look at the tip first. Thanks for that tip fourarms. Now to break that one to the kids!

maviscrewit Mon 28-Jul-08 10:41:42

We hired our cylinder from Countrywide for £15.00. We can have if for as long as we like, and when empty they swap it for a full one. And you can give the cylinder back at any time and get a partial refund. Not sure if Countrywide stores are just a local thing round here (midlands), or whether there's one near you. We had to buy a new regulator and pay for gas (can't remember how much though!)

friendly Mon 28-Jul-08 11:51:26

Thanks Mavis that sounds like a good idea. I;m going to google Countrywide. However for this trip my lovely friend who is lending us her tent has said she has a calor gas cannister I can borrow. Just need to buy the regulator now I think to adapt my campingaz stove to calor gas (is that right?!) One last will I know how full her gas cannister is? I'm sure I will be able to refill/replace it in Cornwall should it run out but is there any way of knowing how much gas is left in it?

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