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Just back from the camping shop and finally we've bought a Wolf Lake - soooo happy

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scanner Fri 25-Jul-08 19:00:45

We went a bit bonkers and bought the Wolf Lake 8, footprint, a new table, three chairs, ehu, light/patio heater thingy and probably something else I've forgotten. Got a great deal on price. We are soooooooo excited.

scanner Fri 25-Jul-08 19:02:55

Ok, so for some more showing off, here it is our lovely tent

Slubberdegullion Fri 25-Jul-08 19:05:11

oooh she's a Beaut.

So what did you sell, a kidney or a child to pay for all that ?grin

Slubberdegullion Fri 25-Jul-08 19:07:58

did you buy a trailer too?

scanner Fri 25-Jul-08 19:10:53

Lol - we've been saving and just through a tough time health wise, so feel we deserve a treat. We are a little concerned about getting it all in the car - we were packed to the roof of the car just now, dc's had to sit with feet on the back of the front seats - worth it though grin.

Slubberdegullion Fri 25-Jul-08 19:14:00

So when are you heading out for your first trip with her?

(tents of that size and excellent quality and plaid curtains are obviously female)

scanner Fri 25-Jul-08 19:45:53

We want to go next weekend, dh is recovering from an op so it's dependant on that. Probably one of the forestry commission places in new forest.

Slubberdegullion Fri 25-Jul-08 19:47:21

Well have a great time. That really is a lush tent.

I am most envy

gladbag Fri 25-Jul-08 19:50:24

Oooh we looked at that one really hard - it's very lovely and very large, but considering it's just me, dh and ds we went for the smaller bear lake 4. It's arriving tomorrow. I'm also jealous. Have a lovely time. Sounds like you all deserve it.

Lucycat Fri 25-Jul-08 20:54:31

Welcome to the Lake owners club - there's you, me and dustystar so far (I've probably missed some!)

oh and ignore slubber with her 'plaid curtains' - she has a fetish about them wink

Slubberdegullion Fri 25-Jul-08 20:58:51

er gladbag just there has got the bearlake (also luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvverly tent)


I can do a search if you like but I am quite sure that somewhere in the mists of time you yourelf MrsLcat said something about stroking plaid curtains for stress relief purposes.

Lucycat Fri 25-Jul-08 21:00:58

sorry gladbag - will add you too.

and Imay just gaze at them adoringly, or spend time opening and shutting them...... grin

downbutnotout Fri 25-Jul-08 21:02:51

Oooh - serious tent porn. Puts my Nevada M in its place (with or without kid's room).

scanner Fri 25-Jul-08 21:17:54

I had to restrain myself from buying matching windbreaks - but did get the outwell light/heater thingy and I don't even agree with them on Eco terms.

DH is trying to convince me he's well enough to camp this weekend, but he only had his op on Monday so I think he's pushing it a bit.

Our only problem is the chap in the shop said we should erect the tent, hose it down and leave to dry and stretch. Our garden isn't wide enough.

Btw - I like being in a Lake club, not sure mines a she regardless of plaid curtains, I keep thinking he's Wolfie as in Citizen Smith. You young ones won't know what I'm talking about.

Slubberdegullion Fri 25-Jul-08 21:25:31

<joyful as does not know what scanner is talking about> grin

Slubberdegullion Fri 25-Jul-08 21:27:56

Oh and I don't know what op your dh has had scanner, but that wolf is a big heavy bugger(ess). So if he has stitches then maybe just postpone until next w/e.

Hope he recuperates quickly smile

Lucycat Fri 25-Jul-08 21:33:06

ignore the feckwit chap in the shop re hosing it down - they are polycotton not canvas so you don't need to do that!

(I too know of Wolfie 'power to the people!)

hope your dh is well soon to take Lakey out!

gladbag Fri 25-Jul-08 22:29:44

scanner - I did buy a matching windbreak blush. Does that make me unbelievably sad? It's going to look fab grin And I got the 'carpet' - made me lol, but it feels luvverly.

gladbag Fri 25-Jul-08 22:30:59

And I know nothing about the curtains. Am I in for a nice surprise?

bosch Fri 25-Jul-08 22:43:13

We have a very flimsy looking tent compared to this monster - so am really just on here for the porn - but, our (polycotton) tent did leak a little the first night and never has done since - have always wondered why it's never leaked since. We even bought some seal sealant the day after it leaked but never got round to using it blush (BTW it was a MAHOOSIVE storm the first night we camped, but am sure we've been in similar since.)

scanner Sun 27-Jul-08 01:35:21

Well dh spent the best part of today moving a shed in the garden so that we can put up the new tent, and yes he does have stitches and only out of hospital 4 days. What can I say - I keep telling him not to overdo it, but actually he's much happier then he was feeling sorry for himself sat on the sofa. The plan is to put it up tomorrow and sleep in it tommorow night, dc's are beside themselves with excitement and tbh so are we.

The only problem could be weather, one forecast says storms and another says sun, so fingers crossed.

debbiewebweb Thu 31-Jul-08 12:37:50

There was a wolf lake at the site we were on at last week and it looked fab, we were envy

mumshadenough Thu 31-Jul-08 18:39:13

I would weather it if I were you. Although it's polycotton, the cotton part needs to be allowed to stretch and breathe.

All canvas tents should be weathered by soaking and allowing to dry, this helps make it waterproof. Why should it be any different on a poly cotton?

Lovely tent by the way envy, just check the size when you book, as it's 10cm larger than some camp site size restrictions!

Emma xx

VirginiaWoolf Thu 31-Jul-08 19:48:56

Well, we took our new Bear Lake 6 away last weekend (do I get to join some sort of exclusive club???) and it's very beautiful and spacious and lovely - and it did leak a little (bottom of the windows) during a heavy downpour. DH was concerned enough to enquire about on UK Campsite thingie website and has had various responses along the lines of 'it just needed weathering' so we're hoping it'll be fine from now on.
DD loves the plaid curtains!!!

Washersaurus Thu 31-Jul-08 22:44:28

Oooh I am a bit jealous, but as we have only just got our Montana 6 with extension, carpets and kids room I can't complain really - that feels like luxury to me (all be it without the lovely polycotton feel envy)

I was scanning the campsite for Lakey tents at the weekend and couldn't see one y'know. I think we actually had the largest/nicest tent on site (not including the huge caravan awnings obviously)

Can I be in a club too? <shuffles feet>

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