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what type of clothes to take with us

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fairydust Thu 24-Jul-08 14:38:32

never been camping before so dont really know what to take

when we go abroad we tend to take things more dressey for night time to change into.

Now the camposite does have a club-house with entertainment which some nights we'll probly go to.

Any surgestions apreciated thanks

Surfermum Thu 24-Jul-08 14:48:34

I'm just packing now for a fortnight's trip. I'm taking 4 pairs of board shorts, 2 3/4 length combat style trousers and 2 pairs of jeans.

I take things to layer as it can get cold at night, so have vest tops, t-shirts, long sleeved t-shirts and fleeces.

I also take full waterproofs, warm hat and sun hat, wellies, trainers and flip flops.

It'll be wet underfoot at night and first thing in the morning hence the wellies or short trousers and flip flops.

And I'll pop in a couple of "nice" outfits - but for me that's a "nice" roxy t-shirt and more 3/4 length trousers!!

We don't have a clubhouse at our site, but even if we did I wouldn't take anything extra. But that's me - I tend not to dress up, wear make up or jewellery when camping.

Where are you going?

fairydust Thu 24-Jul-08 15:09:06

we;'re going to bude in cornwall

MrsBadger Thu 24-Jul-08 15:11:03

you don't need 'dressy' - 'clean' will do

take things that dry fast, don't crease and can be layered.

Surfermum Thu 24-Jul-08 15:11:53

Oh nice - you're further up the coast from us, we'll be near Newquay.

fairydust Thu 24-Jul-08 15:13:45

thanks for that mrs-badger and surfer mum obviously we're limited in what we can take so wanted to make sure i'd be ok in my jeans etc at night time and that everyones not dolled up to the eyes

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