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What to consider when buying a tent

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MrsDougRoss Wed 23-Jul-08 20:57:59

this has probably been done but.. there are 2 adults and 2 toddlers think a 3/4 room tent like the colman mackenzie x8,

But want one that will withstand the extreme weather in cornwall, as well as france etc.

please add any details, I know that I want a SIG, a high MM, and flysheet pitch first.

My main question is are there any tests for stability in high winds.

Will i need a tunnel tent with side poles.

vixma Wed 23-Jul-08 21:19:39

We went to Cornwell last year...this time in fact. Our tent which cost £106.00 was wrecked because the weather was bad. We had to hire a caravan...out of luck, they had a budget one left. We have updated ours to a really plush tent, called bearlake 6, but cost £600.00 pounds, but good ones cheaper than that. Go to a good retailer you can talk to over the phone or face to face, PJ tents are good. We spent this much because hubby come into cash and we love camping, but really annoyed last year, no ones fault, however August and the weater was aweful. While you are down there however I recommend Kynance Cove. It is the nicest beach/Cove I have been to in the UK....You and your kids will love it.

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