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Electric hook up

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friendly Tue 22-Jul-08 21:41:50

Could somebody give me the low down on ehu please? When the campsite asked i thought it sounded a good idea but then someone mentioned I would need an adaptor that cost about £90. Any advice from mumsnetcampers before I do a bit of googling and get more confused would be gratefully received. Thank you

RTKangaMummy Tue 22-Jul-08 22:01:09

oooooh I want to know about these too

Does anyone have one with 25 metres of cable?

If so what make model etc?


Kammy Wed 23-Jul-08 17:59:02

You shouldn't need an adaptor - we have a Powerpart mobile mains unit and unless I've been missing something vital I don't think we have ever needed an adaptor (though confusingly the instructions do say you might need one - dh is not here for me to ask).
I love the hook up! We have an electric cool box so can keep food fresh, plus take laptop for DVD's (well, kids are still young and we need some peace in the evenings.....) and still charge nintendo's ,phones i-pods.

Have you got a specialist camping shop you can ask?

palaver Wed 23-Jul-08 18:05:04

some useful info here

the uk campsite is a great source of camping info smile

RTKangaMummy Wed 23-Jul-08 18:26:53

Kammy what kind of electric coolbox have you got?

squilly Wed 23-Jul-08 20:46:31

I love UK Campsite. I haven't even been under canvas yet, but have used it loads, to figure what to buy, to figure where to stay etc.

I too am tempted by the EHU thing, but figured, I'd probably best go camping without it a couple of times first, in case I decide I LOATHE it with a passion!

friendly Wed 23-Jul-08 22:54:23

Thanks everyone. Turns out my cousin has got whatever I need and can lend it to me. Still none the wiser really but will go to link up for uk campsite and work it out.

Kammy Thu 24-Jul-08 08:49:37

It's a Campingaz deluxe - also has an attachment so you can run it off the cigarette lighter in the car (whilst it's going of course!) Wouldn't be without it.

And hurray... off tomorrow for 3 weeks to Slovenia!

mumshadenough Fri 25-Jul-08 08:13:16

Hi, If you buy an ehu make sure you get one from a proper shop that has a cut off if you get a surge... like this one ehu link Some sellers on ebay are hooking a long cable onto a standard home 4 plug socket and these are dangerous. if you get a surge they dont have the cut off switch.
Good luck....Emma smile

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