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Anyone know how to find a DH-proof camping chair?

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PussinWellies Tue 22-Jul-08 14:40:55

...he's over 17 stone and very long, so he does tend to crush the wimpy unbrella-fold aluminium sort. I've suggested he takes a saw and whittles himself a seat from a log. Didn't go down too well.

larry5 Tue 22-Jul-08 14:54:59

You might find that chairs sold for fishing might be stronger. They sell them in Argos.

metmoo Tue 22-Jul-08 16:15:15

Paddlechick666 Tue 22-Jul-08 16:26:07

LOL, on our last 2 trips H has busted both our fold up chairs.

big bubba looks good grin

PussinWellies Tue 22-Jul-08 17:40:08

Cor, that was quick -- I've just come back to find three answers! Thanks, I might see if DH can face the thought that he's a bigger-than-average Bubba...

MindingMum Tue 22-Jul-08 18:42:26

I'm a big girl and tall and I have a moon chair £30 from Great outdoors, it's very stong and comfortable.

metmoo Tue 22-Jul-08 21:06:17

ive seen the moon chairs in our local camping shop and they look huge might get one for my large a**e too lol they look great

KeepItPrivate Tue 22-Jul-08 21:10:34

have you sat in one metmoo? They are heavenly and the special seat helps you up when you press on the armrests.

metmoo Wed 23-Jul-08 00:11:19

no but i want one or two and some for the kids for whenwe do start our camping

Troutpout Wed 23-Jul-08 10:46:53

The outwell camper deluxe chairs are very sturdy. The bags are rather big though...but if you only want one ..would be ok
Best to go and try them out.

PussinWellies Wed 23-Jul-08 22:50:45

PLenty of good ideas there. Thanks all.

Paddlechick666 Fri 25-Jul-08 09:29:37

strange questions but: can you eat on your knees in a moon chair?

we have a picnic table affair for the kids but tend to just use the camping chairs for ourselves. the moon chairs look a bit "scooped" iykwim which might make eating in them tricky.

EachPeachPearMum Fri 25-Jul-08 14:07:40

I echo how comfy moon chairs are! Divine!

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