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Nanny / mothers help etc available *anywhere*

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navyeyelasH Tue 15-Jul-08 22:23:18

Hi everyone I'm just testing the water a little bit here as I am not 100% sure YET (will know for definite tomorrow) if I will be able to do this.. but would anyone be interested in the following:

I currently work as a nanny & the family I work for are off on Holiday from the 25th July - 10 August. I had lined up work for this period but the family have just let me know that they wont be needing me now as they are going away sad.

As it stands I have 2 weeks completely fee with nothing really to do (I have a holiday planned for later in year with my partner), and I just know I am going to be so bored as I am one of those people that is always on the go.

I was wondering if there were any Mumsnetters that might be interested in childcare for this period? I am based in Bristol but am willing to travel anywhere in the UK really (but you would have to put me up if you live miles away) and could even come away with you for an extra pair of hands entertaining the children, I have my own tent and passport if you're going somewhere exotic!

Bit of a long shot but if you don't ask you don't get as my dad says. Have a look on my website for more info about me and what sort of person I am.

{grin} xx

halia Thu 17-Jul-08 19:57:46

if you were further north I'd take you up like a shot!

navyeyelasH Fri 18-Jul-08 11:26:17

Hey Halia - I am willing travel. How far up North are you??

milkybarsrus Fri 18-Jul-08 13:30:00

Without sounding too mersonary, ....... how much?blush

navyeyelasH Fri 18-Jul-08 14:21:18

Hey Milkybarsrus my rates are:

an ammount that you think is reasonable and that you can afford - a bit unorthodox I know, but I also know how much families can differ and I don't believe that you can offer childcare in a one size fits all manner; my theory is that each parent is just as entitled to a bit of time off as the next.

If you email me at and we can sort something out!

halia Sun 20-Jul-08 13:57:59

Hiya, I've sent you an email

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