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Please come and talk to me about disposable BBQ's

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MindingMum Mon 14-Jul-08 08:47:11

I was at a garden centre that was closing down yesterday and selling off giant disposable BBQ's for £1 so we came home with 10 blush for our camping trip this weekend.

Does anyone have any meal ideas apart from the obvious burgers, sausages etc?

I always do jacket pots on the BBQ at home. will I be able to on a disposable?


mum2oandh Mon 14-Jul-08 09:59:08

only a pudding- cut peaches or nectarines in half and remove stone, fill hole with brown sugar, put back together, wrap in tin foil, leave for hour or so (in barbercue coals at end of cooking) eat with clotted cream, or ice cream, not a meal, but soooooo nice smile
garden centre wasn't near leicester by any chance? could do with some myself....grin

GrapefruitMoon Mon 14-Jul-08 10:05:22

I do chicken kebabs - marinate chicken pieces in a mix of natural yoghurt and currry paste and then BBQ. I also do veg - I have a special tray to do them on to save the faff of threading them on skewers.

You can do corn on the cob (wrap in tinfoil) too.

madm00se Mon 14-Jul-08 10:18:13

Yeah you should be able to, although a disposable BBQ doesn't last as long heatwise as a proper BBQ. How about corn on the cob-if you can find it still in the husk-even better-no need for tinfoil. Chicken breast sliced, stuffed with blue/goats cheese & sliced chorizo sausage, wrapped in bacon-or just wrapped in bacon-pref smoky. Halloumi & veg kebabs? Fruit kebabs? My DH places a roasting tin over the BBQ (raised up) so the food cooks quicker-and keeps it moist. Have a look at following link (sorry didn't realise how BIG it was!!)(shock blush) =db&scope=recipes&page=1&pagesize=15&attrib_26=keywords&oper_26=eq&val_26_1=%2Bbarbecue&attrib_2=pro gramme_name&oper_2=eq&val_2_1=&attrib_3=chef_name&oper_3=eq&val_3_1=&attrib_4=course_name&oper_4=eq& val_4_1=&attrib_5=cuisine_name&oper_5=eq&val_5_1=&attrib_6=method_description&oper_6=eq&val_6_1=&att rib_8=season&oper_8=eq&val_8_1=&attrib_9=type_name&oper_9=eq&val_9_1=&attrib_22=cookwithchild&oper_2 2=eq&attrib_14=dairy&oper_14=eq&attrib_18=egg&oper_18=eq&attrib_21=food4child&oper_21=eq&attrib_16=g luten&oper_16=eq&attrib_12=healthy&oper_12=eq&attrib_17=nut&oper_17=eq&attrib_15=parties&oper_15=eq& attrib_20=pregnancy_friendly&oper_20=eq&attrib_13=quick&oper_13=eq&attrib_19=shellfish_free&oper_19= eq&attrib_11=vegan&oper_11=eq&attrib_10=vegetarian&oper_10=eq&submit.x=36&submit.y=10

MindingMum Mon 14-Jul-08 11:30:58

Wow thank-you, there is lots to keep me going there wink

mum2oandh - that sounds yummy, will defo try as a bit of a heathier dessert cos kids seem to eat lots of choc for pud when camping.

We already do corn on the cob as I have a big pot that goes on the cooker to do them that way. I going to read the site madm00se sent tonight and print off some of those ideas.

Someone at school this morning said to peel a banana and put it in foil with a mars bar on the coals at the end hmm but this sounds like a waste of a banana and mars bar to me grin

seeker Mon 14-Jul-08 11:41:58

But remember to find some bricks or something to rest it on if you're using it on grass - or you will leave an embarrassing burnt patch!

You can get a frame thing to put them in - may be woth it if you're going to use them a lot.

MindingMum Mon 14-Jul-08 16:12:05

Yes thank - you seeker, they actually come with a stand - bargain hey?

Washersaurus Mon 14-Jul-08 23:09:58

We like to do vegetable kebabs (peppers, red onion, mushroom etc) with Halloumi cheese on, which we stuff into pitta bread...yummy.

serin Mon 14-Jul-08 23:19:57

Chicken marinaded in that Reggae reggae sauce is V nice.

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