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New to tenting..... trying to decide which one to buy...

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CoffeeMad Sun 13-Jul-08 12:39:24

So far we have a shortlist of...

Utah 4
this one may blow dh budget wink

Khyam Vancouver

Gelert Horizon 8

Khyam Ontario 8

Are the tunnel tents easy to put up? Are these a bit excessive for starter tents for weekends away?

There are 4 of us, me, dh 2dc 3yrs and 2yrs.

We have a strict budget of £600 for everything needed to start up.

We figured:
Trangia stove £50
Self inflating mats 2 x double £80
Cool box 12v £25?
Double sleeping bag £40
Kids single £10 each
Larder £40
EHU £50?

Eagerly awaiting your advice.
Coffee mad

Swazan Sun 13-Jul-08 14:32:55

Hi am new to these threads but I just wanted to say that we bought the Gelert Horizon 8 2 weeks ago and have just returned from our 2nd weekend camping. The tent has survived strong winds and lashing rain. Would recommend getting the canopy for it, it was a life saver in the rain as the door way stayed dry.
I've got 3 kids and there's plenty room for us!
It took us about 45 mins all in to put the tent up so really easy going, will prob be even quicker next time.
Can't comment on the other tents so hopefully someone will come along soon and answer your q's.
If you have anymore questions just ask.

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