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wind up lantern things - any good?

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ScarletA Tue 01-Jul-08 12:15:51

Need a new lamp and sick of batteries (cost, environment etc) so had a little look on tinternet and found these things in argos

Had a look at some reviews for wind up lights and they are very mixed - some people swear by them, they give hours of light for 10 seconds of winding and others say you have to wind for hours and get a pale glimmer that lasts 10 seconds. Huh? Was even more confused.

They can also be plugged into the car fag lighter thing and charged that way (though this seems to take about 3 hours so presumably you'd have to do it while driving as the car's battery would go flat?)

What are your experiences? Are they worth it? I bought dp a wind up radio which was a JOKE (winding for hours got minutes of play) so am slightly wary.

I need it to read by btw.

Milkysallgone Tue 01-Jul-08 21:16:12

We just bought that exact lantern. Have only used it for the weekend so far though so no need to wind (we just mains charged it before we left). We've used it as a main light to play cards by in the living area of our tent and it does the job. They do give off a very blue, eerie light though so definitely not as cosy as gas. I think this one does have more Led's than a lot of others around, but it's still not the brightest.

Lucycat Tue 01-Jul-08 21:21:23

personally to read by I'd get a headlamp - we have a wind up and really it's best to drink wine by.

our dd's have wind-up torches too - now that is a great idea1

ScarletA Fri 04-Jul-08 17:39:45

Yes, was looking at a head torch, it must be said. Though quite how Militant Camper that would make me, I'm not sure...

Milkysallgone - how long do you think the charge would last?

garden Fri 11-Jul-08 22:57:49

hi- we have 2 wind up lanterns- around £10 from millets. great and robust for kids at night. need to charge whilr travelling- give 4 hrs light. good value but not enough to read by for long. saw a light that ran off calor gas that was really bright- might be worth a look?

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