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Average cost of camping in Dorset with a 70s camper van plus tent?

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tigermoth Mon 30-Jun-08 20:35:15

I have just browsed a few websites. It looks like approx £30.00 a night in late July. Is this about right? We want something peaceful, casual and simple, small scale, no frills necessarily. We plan to stay for a few days on our way to Devon to see MIL. Our children are aged 8 and 14, so we don't need baby and toddler facilities.

Will it be hard to book something now? Do things get booked up aged in advance? Any recommendations or good websites?

Many thanks!

tigermoth Mon 30-Jun-08 20:37:23

we are not necessarily looking for swimming pools, playgrounds, cafes etc on site, as we want to be able to drive the camper van out and about a bit during our stay.

Quadrophenia Tue 01-Jul-08 22:55:57

tigermoth didn't know you had a van is it new?
we like steepleleaze farm in dorset, fairly near to corfe, big field, open fires, no showers though, last time we went a tnner a night, never booked up, just turn up and pitch. if you want some directions let me know smile

tigermoth Thu 03-Jul-08 20:32:56

Quadrophenia, thanks for the tip. If you can post directions or an address that would be great.

We have a 70s volkswagen 'Devon' Camper with double bed, two bunks in the roof,and the original tent and awning that we have never tried out, although we have owned the camper for three years various things have conspired against us to use it for actual camping. I so want to use it fully - it is made for camping and I feel continually guilty that we have not done this. Dh will find any reason to wriggle out of this, so I am trying to get things organised. We just need to break the ice with a couple of nights away.

PS has the campsite you mention got running water and loos?

Quadrophenia Fri 18-Jul-08 18:50:38

tigermoth hope you haven't gone yet...sorry!!!

right you travel on the main road from wareham towards swanage, when you get to Corfe you can take a right hand turn along the side of the castle, you travel along this road for a good ten minutes going through a small village and past a sign to the beach keep goping until you find a sharp left turn in the road, on this sharp bend is steepleleaze farm. Its a working farm with huge fields for camping, last time we went it was atenner a night, it has running water and loos and camp fires are allowed, really relaxed camping should be.

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