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Taking 14-week-old babies camping - survival tips please!

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Neenztwinz Fri 27-Jun-08 13:12:15

We are taking our 14-week-old twins camping in August in Somerset. What can we expect? We love to camp but obviously this is the first year we've had kids in tow.

What do we need to take with us for them? They are BF so that's no problem. How can we keep their routine intact so they sleep?

PeachyHidingInTheShed Fri 27-Jun-08 14:23:38

Firstly where in Somerset (raised there so likely I will know it and be able to offer tips)

We recentrly camped with our 5 week old at whitsun.

It was not ahrd but I confess to getting really panicky on the first night that he would get cold. That shouldn't be such an issue in August.

Routine- hang black fabric in the ed pod / tent (depending on setup) to make dark at night times as late daylight can be a bugger; other than that though the whole beauty of camping is the flexibility so it should be easy to develop a routine that suits you.

Neenztwinz Sun 29-Jun-08 06:30:43

We are going to Cheddar. The twins have just started to sleep better at night, only waking once between 11 and 7, and I think it is because of the bath/bed routine we do, which will be difficult to keep up while we are away. So I am concerned it is all going to go wrong when we are camping.

How do you do bathtime when camping?

kingfix Tue 22-Jul-08 11:20:15

we have either used a big washing up bowl (if going by car and there's room) or in the sink in the wash block (maybe take a one size fits all plug). To be honest, our routine always flies out the window on holiday, esp camping. I just let dd (now 2) stay up til she's really dropping off (9 or 10) and she catches up in the day. It has been impossible to get her to lie quietly in a tent when it's light outside and other children are still playing. Still yours are still wee, so maybe you can get then to nod off in the buggy if you are taking one?

milkybarsrus Tue 22-Jul-08 13:36:40

hi, I took my baby camping at 12 weeks and it was absolutely fine, I did worry about the night being cold etc, but if they are well wrapped up this shouldn't be a problem. Also, august should be really warm even at night hmm. How long are you going for? If its a few days then just top and tail them? If longer then do what I do and take a poundshop rubber dinghy and bath them in thatgrin.

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