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Eurocamp sites -- frejus La Baume

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nightmare Sun 23-Jan-05 15:08:38

Has anyone been to this camp and if so what is it like and is it suitable for under 5 year olds,what is the beach like?

mrsflowerpot Sun 23-Jan-05 15:21:33

We went a couple of years ago. It's very big, around 800-900 pitches. Lots of trees so plenty of shade. Two pool complexes, one with water slides - from memory probably a bit high for under-fives. There was a nice bar and restaurant, couple of little shops, playground equipment. We went out of season and were glad we had gone there as because it's so big everything was functioning whereas smaller campsites might have been more limited outside high season. In July/August I would think it'd be very busy and noisy. Frejus beach is nice enough, and there are better ones at St Aygulf imo, both are a car ride away.

The thing that would put me off going back there is it is right by the A7 motorway, the campsite wall actually borders the motorway, and you can hear the traffic. We did Eurocamp and most of their mobile homes and tents that year were pretty far away from the road noise, but you did still notice it a bit. And in high season, there would be alot of traffic and much more noise I would think.

We've been to Frejus several times, the old town is lovely and it's a real favourite of ours. We had another holiday down the road at Roquebrune sur Argens at the Les Pecheurs campsite and we definitely preferred that.

Hulababy Mon 24-Jan-05 09:00:48

Not been to the campsite, but we are planning to stay in a different one at Frejus this June. Good to here that the area is lovely

mrsflowerpot Mon 24-Jan-05 09:46:06

It is lovely. Frejus old town is gorgeous, part Roman, part medieval, lots of lovely little shops and a fabulous market a couple of times a week. Frejus-Plage is a modern marina-type development that could be anywhere on the Med really, but not high-rise and the beach is decent - the last time we were there they were developing a sort of natural beach further, don't know what they've done with that. St Aygulf beaches are good and as you go down the coast road towards Ste Maxime and St Tropez (which can be a traffic jam all the way) there are lots of little coves which are nice with small kids.

Can you tell I wish we were going this year??

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