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Putting tent back into original bag/case

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spokette Mon 02-Jun-08 10:20:27

Has anybody manage to achieve this with a large tent? We are finding it impossible to refold our 8 berth tent so that it fits back into the original bag. I'm sure the manufacturers must have vacuumed sucked the air out in order to fit it in originally?

Am I the only one or is this a feature of large tents?hmm

2fedup Mon 02-Jun-08 10:32:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bluefox Mon 02-Jun-08 10:36:52

Yes this happens with other things too. DD has an inflatable boat - will not go back in to its box - same with our garden canopy. Garden chairs also take ages to put back into their bags.

Iota Mon 02-Jun-08 10:42:24

it's a specialised art - only when you have mastered it can you term yourselves true campers wink

Iota Mon 02-Jun-08 10:42:48


Iota Mon 02-Jun-08 10:43:32

something has gone wrong with my emoticons?

spokette Mon 02-Jun-08 11:06:00

Grrr, will check uk campsite for tips.


Dozeynoo Mon 02-Jun-08 12:57:35

Each time you fold the tent get a moderately sized child to roll outstretched along the length of the tent to expel all excess air before proceeding with the next fold. can roll along it yourself but you may get some stange looks.

Lucycat Mon 02-Jun-08 14:27:04

What make is it? We now leave the poles out of the tent bag (although we have a separate huge heavy bag for said poles) would that help?

Lay the bag out to measure the maximum length and width that you can leave the tent then roll on it as Dozeynoo suggests! grin

Helsbels4 Wed 02-Jul-08 16:25:30

My dh is an expert with our 12 berth tent wink. He lays it all out flat - not easy when it's windy - folds it in half lengthways then thirds then rolls it really tightly. I can't be ar**d and just lose my patience. I'd just throw it into the back of the car wink.

Slubberdegullion Wed 02-Jul-08 16:30:44

Blasphemy works for me.

BecauseImWorthIt Wed 02-Jul-08 16:31:05

Why don't they make the bags just a bit bigger? It's not rocket science, is it?!

We have our tent bag in the shed, which looks stuffed full, and then the actual tent in a ratty black bag, because DH couldn't be arsed to try harder.

(Nor me grin)

babyjjbaby Wed 02-Jul-08 17:16:38

our one kyham tourer 600 is really easy to get in the bag u don't even need to fold it lol the only reason why i bought it grin

FourArms Tue 22-Jul-08 20:33:23

I find leaving at my mum and dad's house is the best way to sort this out. Usually comes back clean, dry and in the bag.

Blondilocks Tue 22-Jul-08 20:34:03

lol! It is just to add entertainment!

Sleeping bags are the worst.

Whizzz Tue 22-Jul-08 20:35:10

Well we haven't mastered it yet

Twiglett Tue 22-Jul-08 20:36:34

get children to roll from the middle outwards to roll the air out of it

Phoenix Tue 22-Jul-08 20:55:30

Me and Dh tried about 4 times to get our Vango Vancouver 800 back in the bag. My mum did it first time (we had a practice put up in her garden). When we took it camping we folded it as small as we could get it and put it in the car and took it to my mums for her to do again

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