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New to this lark and need a tent - are Eurohike any good?

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Tiggerish Tue 27-May-08 21:25:15

was thinking of the Spectrum Cosmic here

or maybe the Windsor here

Tiggerish Tue 27-May-08 21:25:46

It's for me, ds (6) and dd(3)

hanaflower Tue 27-May-08 21:36:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallystrawberry Tue 27-May-08 21:45:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tiggerish Tue 27-May-08 21:48:40

does it have a sealed ground sheet Sally? (or is that what sig stands for blush)

Tiggerish Tue 27-May-08 21:49:16

also would it be OK for a week in Cornwall in August?

sallystrawberry Wed 28-May-08 15:34:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BlueDragonfly Wed 28-May-08 22:12:27

we bought a windsor over the w/e. i hope its ok <worried> I know that everyone recommends a vango or coleman but frankly our money wouldn't go that far for what we wanted!

NigellaTheUndomesticGoddess Wed 28-May-08 22:14:24

I have a little eurohike one i bught for camping experiment when the DDs were littler - it was absolutely fine.
now the flipp side - have a massive Vango which is also fine.
lets do a sundance - it may work.

Nixz Wed 28-May-08 22:33:28

tiggerish, I have a vango.
Without nipping to our garage and checking it out i cant remember what its called!
It looks like this
We have used it twice and we have had it less than 12 months.
We liked it because the bedrooms were next to each other, or could change into 1 big room.
Anyway, we are selling as we have just bought a campervan.
Let me know if your interested, we paid about £130, willing to sell for £70 ono!!!!

Nixz Wed 28-May-08 22:37:01

I dont like the idea of dc's being zipped up in a different part of the tent!!!!
Also, its defo that tent!
Forgot to say, it has a very good storm/waterproof rating.
Dp is a paratrooper who likes to rough it, personally, the sun has got to be cracking the flags before dd and I venture out....dp insists its 'just incase' grin

Tiggerish Thu 29-May-08 07:17:52

Hi Nixz! Sorry - I went and bought one yesterday sad we went for an Outwell in the end just need the weather to improve so we can try it out!

THFHM Sat 18-Jul-09 22:38:16

bought a cosmic from millets today what is the light system in the tent and should there be a bag for it or is it built in?

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