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Who likes camping???????

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ghosty Mon 17-Jan-05 06:31:21

And why???

For the life of me I can't see the attraction (apart from maybe that it is cheaper?) ... Someone please enlighten me as it is DH's dream for us to go on a family camping holiday ... I would rather eat glass

kinderbob Mon 17-Jan-05 07:08:21

It's cheaper.

You get to meet people and share a wine with them.

The kids get to run around with other kids and in and out their tents and nobody seems to mind, can't imagine that in a motel.

Both the second and third could be done just as easily around a pool in a resort though, so I guess that leaves us back at - it's cheaper.

In the absence of Centerparcs though, there are some camping grounds with farms and they are a lot of fun and very cheap.

It's not cheap though if you spend $1000s on a tent and only go once. Like it for the weekend, would not go for a fortnight. Why cook and wash up communally when I have a dishwasher and double oven at home?

happymerryberries Mon 17-Jan-05 07:10:56

I have just come round to camping myself!

The excitement....I have already slept in the garden with the kids in our new tent. It is rather like going back to 'playing house'. Fresh air, a little back to nature.

And don't knock the cost thing. We have saved a thousand pounds on a two week holiday in France. That £1000 has paid for a luxury weekend for 4 in the Peebles hydro and a week in a caravan in holland at easter!

All for giving up a caravan over a tent! I like an easy pee in my own loo as much as the next girl but 12 pees = two extra holidays......I'll go with the holidays

And the kids just love it. Campsite holidays have been the most restful I have ever had! The kids get to have more freedom and they love it. And we have forked out a fortune for the Mark Warner numbers before now

Try going with someone like Canvas or keycamp, they do all the work for you and the tents are great. That way you can try it at a minimal cost to you. And with the money you save, eat our every night!

kid Mon 17-Jan-05 07:14:58

Are there lots of spiders and bugs in your tent?
I know some people that take their kids camping and they straongly recommend it. But, if a spider came near me, I'd have to pack up and come home!

elliott Mon 17-Jan-05 11:20:11

hijack alert - hmb, can you give me the lowdown on Peebles hydro? Its our nearest child friendly luxury hotel (well the only accessible one really) and I've been wondering for ages whether it would be worth it.
How much was it? What was there to do? Did you use childcare options? How posh was the restaurant (I like really good food but hate dressing up)?

amynnixmum Mon 17-Jan-05 11:30:18

We went camping as a family for the first time last year and it was great. We went again later in the year and now we have a tent of our own we are planning several long weekends this year. We did it primarily because of the money but we all really enjoyed it. Last summer we went to a site in cornwall that was on a farm, there was loads of space for the children to run around and play games and it was very relaxing. I went camping loads as a child because that was the only holiday my parents could afford but apart from a couple of nights with his friends when he was a teenager dh had not done it before. He was also very dubious about life without all the luxuries of home (or a hotel). He only agreed to it because we were so skint but he really enjoyed it.

littlemissbossy Mon 17-Jan-05 11:32:44

We go to campsites in France, but stay in a caravan, could not face 5 of us in a tent for two weeks!! TBH the thought of caravanning wasn't my idea of fun either, but the facilities on the sites are usually fantastic and the kids are happy... so in the end they've been the best holidays we've ever had and are doing the same this year

Blu Mon 17-Jan-05 11:33:46

We are camping converts - DP is not an 'outdoor type' to say the least. But with small children, it was ideal. We can be adventurous an go off on the spur of the moment for a lovely w/e- it's cheap, kids tear around and you feel safe about it, no need to worry about toddlers bahaviour in restaurants etc - (can get a takeaway if the business with camping stoves is too much ), no need to worry about smart clothing for adults, it's v exciting for children, and I don't think spiders come into tents any more than they do into houses!

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