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Disney Paris itinerary

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chard738 Tue 20-May-08 12:23:01

Hi everyone ... I know it probably sounds a bit anal blush, but does anyone know where I can find a decent kids/family intinerary for Disneyland Paris??

We're staying in Caravaning Des 4 Vents in June in our shiny new tent and have managed to wangle 4 days at Disney! I know we missed a lot out last year as it tipped it down sad and I don't want to make the same mistake again!!

thanks smile

ShinyPinkShoes Tue 20-May-08 12:33:37

Oh no, no, no don't plan it shock

Disney is not to be planned.....part of the fun is deciding where you feel like going!

chard738 Tue 20-May-08 12:40:42

Oh I know ... I don't mean I want to stick to it rigidly ... I'm not that bad ... honest grin! It's just that there are a lot of us going with children ranging from 4 months to 5 years so it would be handy to have some idea as I suspect that my sister is going to have to stop fairly often with the tiny one.

I have to say though, I already have a couple of ideas from all of the postings I can find on here ...

dylsmum1998 Tue 20-May-08 14:15:49

chard no idea about disney - but i would love to go, is the camp site very close to disney? where can i find out more,do they have a website?
wont be this year i make it, my passport has just expired and dc dont have one yet. but would love to plan for next year!

chard738 Wed 04-Jun-08 22:19:40

sorry dylsmum ... only just seen your message blush!! Apparently the site is about 10-20 min drive from Disney ... seems to have some good reviews on UK campsite and my parents went last year and loved it.

I'm so excited ... I can't wait ... only 10 more sleeps wink!

dylsmum1998 Thu 05-Jun-08 20:08:38

thanks for that.
hope you have a good time- let us know all about it when you are back!

marymoocow Thu 05-Jun-08 20:12:38

With children that age you'll probably spend most of your time in Fantasy Land, and just the odd show ie. The Lion King etc.

chard738 Sun 08-Jun-08 12:00:35

Will do dyslmum.

I figured we'd probably spend most of our time in Fantasy Land grin but I'm determined to get on the Rock and Roller coaster next door (I just lurve Aerosmith ...!). We'll all have to take it in turns hmm!!

Only 6 more sleeps!!!

marymoocow Sun 08-Jun-08 21:09:30

dh went on rock and roller coaster and loved it. Couldn't quite coax ds on to it though. If you like roller coasters then try Crush's coaster in Walt Disney Studios. Scared the life out of all of us, but a must. (Well except ds2 who's 5, and he was desperate to go on it again, but it did keep breaking down sad). Huge tip if you want to see Mickey, then he is in the corner by Crush's coaster and the Cars ride first thing on opening (about 10). No-one seemed to realise he was there. Minnie was easier to see in the Studios too.
Hope you have a great time.

piratecat Sun 08-Jun-08 21:15:38

jack sparrow can be found siting on his treasure near the captain Hook Pirate Ship!!

Crush's coaster, was horrible imo, my dd 5 was terrified, my own fault tho. The advert on the hotel tv channel made it look fun.

marymoocow Sun 08-Jun-08 21:23:22

Oh and make sure you make use of the fast passes. Hardly anyone seemed to use them when we were there, and they came in very handy. We walked straight onto Big Thunder Mountain, whilst others just looked at us from the queue.

Hulababy Sun 08-Jun-08 21:26:48

With 4 days you don't need to plan; just go and have fun.

Book a character meal for one day - then you don't need to mess about queueing up to see the characters in the park - which is really ime consuming if you see more than a couple.

Use Fast Pass where you can.

Use Baby Switch to do the big rides without children.

chard738 Mon 09-Jun-08 18:39:58

Excellent ... thanks everyone ... can't wait ... only 5 more sleeps grin

kerryk Thu 17-Jul-08 21:26:54

chard i really hope you see this!! we are staying at that campsite in a few weeks can you give me a idea of what it is like smile

chard738 Sat 19-Jul-08 15:25:56


How exciting ... I wish I was going back there ...

Camping des 4 Vents is a really nice, friendly site ... it was v quiet when we were there, only one or two other tents for a couple of days at a time so we had the run of the tent area most days. The pitches are huge and are separated by small trees.

The toilets and shower cubicles were ok, they were nothing special, but they were clean. Our ds also loved the family of birds who were nesting in the roof space!!There were about 3 or 4 each of toilets and showers seperated into ladies and gents with a washing up area in between. We discovered the "other" toilet block near the laundry rooms midway through our stay, these were made up of cubicles with sinks and toilets. Personally we stuck with the showers (only annoying thing was having to keep your hand on the button for your entire shower!).

We were dissappointed that we didn't get to use the pool ... the holiday was a bit too hectic but we did go and have a nose at it along with the play area ... all of it looked lovely!

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would definitely go here again smile! Have a lovely time!!

kerryk Sun 20-Jul-08 12:24:51

thank you very much, was hoping oyu would see my post smile

was the camp site easy to find, i dont know about you but the leaflet/map were as clear as fog!!!

we have a euro tomtom and directions printed out from google so hopefully we will be ok.

can you remember if you come of the motorway at the same junction as disneyland then use smaller roads till the camp site? thats what it looks like to me on our french atlas but i am not the best map reader.

my biggest worry is that we are spending a few days at normandy first so we will be approaching paris on the other side of the camp site, i hope the route we have chosen takes us through paris on a motorway road. dont really fancy going around the roundabout at the arc de triumph for half the week.

DontCallMeBaby Sun 20-Jul-08 12:52:10

This is handy - if you go to the bottom of the page you can see where all the floats in the parade stop, if anything particularly appeals. We tried to be at the first stop for the princesses, but they only did the second stop that day, not the first!

We didn't have an itinerary, but I made sure I knew which rides DD was too small for, to avoid disappointment. Other than that, we winged it, not difficult to do with just three of us and mostly good weather though. Studios is better in rainy weather, in Disneyland Park you can use the arcades on either side of Main St to get around, they were always very quiet when we were there, and you can stay dry in the rain or cool in hot weather.

chard738 Tue 22-Jul-08 13:19:03


ha ha ha .. no, leaflet isn't that helpful is it grin!

We used Euro Tom Tom and it got us there fine. I also printed directions from Michelin as a standby ... they were v good! I can't quite remember which turning we came off but your directions sound right. I remember we drove past the Davy Crockett ranch and seemed to drive for miles until we turned off towards the site ... I think that's the bit that is on the back of the campsite leaflet ... a v v long straight road with a few roundabouts and then through the village, simple as that.

It was easy to find, we're not that good at map reading (hence the TomTom)wink but we found it ok.

I'd love to know how you got on ... let us know!

kerryk Tue 22-Jul-08 21:58:49

i will post when i get back grin

if you have not heard from me by the middle of august you will know we are still going around that roundabout in paris!!

TsarChasm Tue 22-Jul-08 22:06:29

Hey Chard we went to Disney in June too and we camped at 4 vents! What a coincidence smile

TsarChasm Tue 22-Jul-08 22:08:35

Ah the 'hand on the button for the shower'...yep annoying wasn't it? grin

TsarChasm Tue 22-Jul-08 22:14:01

Kerry the campsite is lovely I agree with Chard.

For goodness sake take some good mozzie repellent though and cover up in the evening if you sit outside. We got bitten to bits there for some reason.

kerryk Tue 22-Jul-08 22:32:10

really? bugger! i just ordered that stuff from avon today that is supposed to be good but it wont be here till i am back. can you suggest anything? although i am sure that the noise my 2 dd's make will even have the mozzies running for the hills.

TsarChasm Tue 22-Jul-08 22:42:14

Funny you should say that. We are going to France again (different bit) this week and I've ordered some of the Avon stuff to try as I keep hearing it's so good. Hoping it'll arrive in time though <worried it won't).

Also, I have bought a clicker thingy (recommended on mn) from Boots in case of bites. We have some citronella candles, a blue light up bug zapper and some tropical strength repellant spray from Boots which dh bought as backup in case the Avon doesn't work. God we sound paranoid seeing all that written down! grin

Best thing is to cover up though, especially your legs. Dc were ok cos they went to bed earlier, but dh and I would sit out in the evening (recovering from Disney) and have a couple of drinks. It seems to stay light for ages longer than here. The mozzies are like trained kamikaze fighters.

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