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nightmare Fri 14-Jan-05 13:46:45

Please can someone advise me the best Keycamp, cost also, that is in France near the sea good beaches,swimming facilites,kids club, near an airport.

lowcalCOD Fri 14-Jan-05 13:47:42

millions of thread osn here
I wnet o one in royan which was great, um about 6 /7 hours drive, I suppose la rochelle would be near

how old are your kids?

Tortington Fri 14-Jan-05 20:14:35

instead of keycamp - google venue holidays - they are a shit load cheaper however you may not get the wide choice you would with keycamp.

if you are going with keycamp - look up leisure directions - i think its the same company in disguise that might be cheaper too.

Tortington Sun 16-Jan-05 22:21:04

so nightmare how did you geton?

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