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campsites in cornwall

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oldlady40 Thu 08-May-08 19:52:19

Hello. Can anybody recommend good campsite in cornwall. Requirements! nice loos and showers, quiet campsite, near good beach for surfing. Small family type campsite preferred but good showers/loos a definite essential!! thanks

kittywise Thu 08-May-08 22:26:06

I can't recommend as such but I can say whatever you do don't go to the Tipee holiday campsite. It was really atrocious shock

Surfermum Thu 08-May-08 22:35:11

We go here:

Cottage Farm. It's near Crantock and Holywell, or Perranporth and the Newquay beaches if you want to drive a little further.

It's small, immaculate and the owners are really friendly. You get a cuppa and drinks for the children on arrival! There's a 10.30 pm curfew, so not a place for late night, noisy drinking sessions. They have lovely little extras that I like - the recycling bins and big dustbins filled with water for washing out wetties.

What I like too is the open area in front of the tent where the children congregate and play. They tend to put families on one side of the site and couples on the other.

BigBadMouse Thu 08-May-08 22:40:03 is right near me. DH stayed there when he was house-hunting (quite a while ago now) and said the showers etc were very good then. What I do know is that it is small, quiet, family run and near lots of good beaches for surfing (Bude, Widemouth, Sandymouth, Northcott) as well as general sunbathing and rockpooling beaches too - far nicer than Newquay. There are lots of other attractions too not too far away - how old are your DCs?

I think it can get booked up quite quickly as it is small.

shouldbeworking Thu 08-May-08 22:41:22

Camping and Caravan Club site at Veryan is good. Don't know about surfing nearby as not really my thing!!! but the loos and showers are clean and good like most C and C sites. We have been to a few and never stayed on a bad one. They have some other sites in Cornwall so they might be worth googling. Hope you find somewhere nice and have a good holiday

Joash Thu 08-May-08 22:45:15

Monkey Tree near Perranporth and Newquay.

pinkyminky Thu 08-May-08 22:47:32

We go to the trewan Hall club site. Not small,not prolly what you want, but friendly and not tacky in the least. They have good showers and baths. Lovely shaded play area next to the showers and washing up bit. Laundry, heated pool with cover for bad weather, a decent shop, table tennis, woodland. A very relaxed campsite- you can pitch where you want- not in rows, so you can make a huddle if you are with friends. Seems popular with surfers ( I seem to be permanently pregnant on holiday at the mo, so no surfing for me!)

BigHotMama Thu 08-May-08 22:51:20

I am off to a lovely campsite in a quaint little place called St Meryn near the beautiful town of Padstow.
Here is a link with some reviews if your interested

pinkyminky Thu 08-May-08 22:51:39

Must add- it gets booked quickly after it opens (april), so you would have to be prompt in booking. We booked at the end of our holiday last year for this year, as lots of people do.

peneloperabbit Thu 08-May-08 22:52:27

Treen farm campsite is lovely. It's near sennan. Pretty basic, but clean loos and showers and is on top of a cliff so has wonderful view. You can walk down the cliff to an amazing beach (when the tide is right, the sea forms an amazing lagoon), or drive to more surfery type ones.

serin Thu 08-May-08 23:28:07

Glenmorris is great. Its in St Mabyn not far from the camel estuary so easy travelling to the gorgeous beaches at Trebarwith and Polzeath, Padstow easily accessible too.

Very friendly staff, not brash just full of families with littlies!

serin Thu 08-May-08 23:34:48

Peneloperabbit, word of warning about Sennan, we were there two years ago and they were pumping raw sewage onto the beach!!!!

DD1 got covered in it!!

The smell by the spanking new surf centre/ cafe was appalling, but the 12 basking sharks close inshore were amazing!.

MinkyBorage Thu 08-May-08 23:55:34

We went here, it was fantastic, and stones throw from st Ives, the toilets showers etc were amazing, the best I have ever seen in a camp site. We founf it in this book

Lucycat Fri 09-May-08 17:10:19

Not Trevornick - it ticks some of your boxes with the good beach within walking distance, good loos and showers (but not so nice in August)

but the rest...oh deary me...camping at it's worst.

oldlady40 Sun 11-May-08 15:52:15

thanks for helpful hints - have started looking at some on websites. Thanks also for onese to avoid!!. LucyCat why do you say they are camping at its worst - too big, too small, just don't like them. Give me a clue before I book one!!

peneloperabbit Sun 11-May-08 17:05:57

Serin that's terrible! Your poor DD! I haven't been there for about ten years (we only went to Treen beach when we were there last year)but used to love it and always badgered my parents to take me there as I thought it was a lot cooler than porthcurno etc. My memory of that beach will be forever tarnished. Yuck yuck yuck.

Lucycat Sun 11-May-08 19:18:23

oldlady40 - It was terribly overcrowded, our guy ropes crossed over next doors - we were looking out onto a grassed road way so straight into someone elses tent. The toilet blocks were overcrowded and busy, someone had their washbag stolen in the 30 seconds it took them to nip into the loo next door. It was full of inconsiderate loud people who played their music into the night, had no idea that nylon is not soundproof and corraled their tents together with wind breaks...they also let their feral kids wander across your pitch right outside your tent when you were trying to have breakfast.angry

as you can see I was horribly scarred by the 8 days we spent there.

Please don't go......y'see camping at it's worst!

PeachyHas4BoysAndLovesIt Sun 11-May-08 19:21:33

Pentewan? nice site, right on beach

oldlady40 Mon 12-May-08 10:50:56

thanks for ideas. Lucycat sounds like you had horrible time. I know exactly what you mean we had similar experience a few years ago in Devon - puts you off and makes you really wary of booking unknown sites -thats why this place is helpful and I tend to rely on UKCampsites reviews as well. Happy camping!!

waterbaby71 Fri 27-May-11 16:40:00

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

needanewname Mon 30-May-11 22:04:33

Do not go to Higher Harlyn near Padstow - awful place.

Am going to Noongallas tomorrow - will report back when I get home!

Lovecat Tue 31-May-11 09:42:57

Aargh, Lucycat, we're going there in July! shock Nooooo..... it didn't say anything about that on UKCampsite!

(although we paid for EHU as they were nearer to the pool/beach, so hopefully the pitch is a bit bigger...? Aaargh! DH will kill me if I've booked us into a chavvy feral kids-type shithole!)

missmakesstuff Tue 31-May-11 09:54:37

We are going to start calling around today for camping in conwall forst two weeks of the summer hols, as we have ummed and ahhed about booking anything for the summer till now. Is it going to be too late for a lot of places though, I can just see us not finding anywhere at all this late.

Lovecat Tue 31-May-11 10:10:18

missmakesstuff, we have booked a week (18 July) that we're now not going to be able to use at Polmanter because it clashes with something else - I've been meaning to cancel it but because of all the stuff going on with my dad I'd forgotten about it and was going to cancel this week - if you can't get anything and you'd like it, pm me.

missmakesstuff Tue 31-May-11 10:18:57

Thanks for the offer, would be perfect, except my school hols dont start till the 20th! Have also just realised this thread was really old a couple of posts before mine...oops!

Sorry you have had to cancel your holiday - maybe pop it on the chat topic and see if anyone else wants it? will you lose a deposit?

Think we looked at polmanter, looks nice.

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