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MrsWombat Sat 24-Apr-21 14:13:13

We are going camping for 4 nights with 2 adults and 2 children, no EHU, and need a cool box that will keep fresh milk/butter/bacon etc cold. Any recommendations?

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RainingBatsAndFrogs Sat 24-Apr-21 18:45:26

A Coleman Xtreme.

These, like the more expensive but fabulous Icey Tek, are high performance’passive’ cool boxes, and if you pre-chill, put stuff in ore-frozen, add ice or ice packs, and don’t leave it open or let the kids keep opening it, will keep stuff really cold for 4 days.

Or just get a regular cheaply cooler and keep changing the ice packs if the campsite has a freezer to use.

Lockdownbear Wed 05-May-21 00:47:16

We have a Colman xtreme too.
I just couldn't justify the price of icey-tec and they look a more awkward shape to pack.

MrsWombat Wed 05-May-21 08:03:06

Thank you both! I've been looking at the xtreme and the icey-tec and couldn't justify the price difference either. I will definitely pre-chill with some frozen 2l water bottles.

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MumofBoys79 Thu 06-May-21 19:20:52

Do you have electric hook up? If so, I recommend the Amazon Basics electric cool box. It has served us well x

Talipesmum Thu 06-May-21 19:26:23

We have the Coleman 28qt xtreme, new last year. It was excellent. Kept things cool beautifully. The campsite weren’t swapping ice packs so we had to make the cool last. I covered it in a couple of towels if we were out for the day (it was outside the tent). Also top tip for milk, we kept it in a thermos overnight to keep it really chilled.
If you are going to keep big bottles of ice in there, make sure you get a good large one, as it will take up more space than you think!

RomainingCalm Sun 09-May-21 23:46:20

I have 2x Icey Teks that are awesome but have also heard good things about the Coleman.

Whichever you choose you do need to become the 'coolbox police' for your trip:

Nobody opens the coolbox without permission.

Never leave the lid open.

Ensure that no one tries to put warm wine into the coolbox to attempt to chill it (DH I am looking at you...hmm)

And pre-chill really well for longer than you think, chill anything that's going into it, freeze as much as possible, try to keep it full.

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