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We are thinking of buying a static caravan in Camber Sands, Park resorts. Any advice

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mrsdelboy Sun 02-Sep-07 21:55:01

Would you buy a static caravan here? We only live about 35 minutes away and my DH thinks it would be a great idea to get away with the kids at the weekends. Any thoughts gladly received. Thanks!

ScoobyDooooo Sun 02-Sep-07 21:56:17

Can't help you but i am sure there is someone who comes on mn who actually owns a caravan in camber sands so i am sure they will help if they see this smile

LaCod Sun 02-Sep-07 21:57:01

no thats too near for a holiday home
whats tge point?

mrsdelboy Mon 03-Sep-07 12:23:31

We are thinking of using it more as a place to go at weekends and half term. It is not going to be a replacement for our annual holiday abroad.

ArcticRoll Mon 03-Sep-07 19:56:05

Beach is lovely but is heaving at week-ends during summer.
Village is a bit grotty.

webchick Tue 04-Sep-07 22:20:57

I am just back from a week long break in a static caravan near Chichester (borrowed from a friend). It is about 10 years old I think. Here are a few questions you might have thoughts upon......

Have you stayed at that park before? If yes did you like the club, cafe, launderette, kids play area, general running of the place.
Is it a new one or 2nd hand? Read up on how much ground rent is, maintenance, insurance etc
How long-term will this purchase be?
And how much would you use it outside of the school holidays?
How cold does it get in winter and how would you entertain kids in bad weather?
Finally, whereabouts on park would it be - main thoroughfare or in a quiet spot tucked away from main entrance?

mrsdelboy Wed 05-Sep-07 19:34:50

Thanks for all your input. Will discuss with dh and think about it. we are due to go down there for the day on Friday to look at some caravans. Will not be pushed into a purchase by the hard sell we are bound to get!

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