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Campaholics - you've all got me worried now...

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Dottydot Fri 31-Aug-07 18:08:49

I've been reading through the threads (going camping for the 1st time next Friday for 2 nights with ds's) and there's lots of talk about windbreaks and even cooking in the tent??

I'm borrowing a tent and have bought a single ring stove, but do I really need a windbreak - in my head I'm picturing putting the stove outside the tent and cooking on it? Haven't really thought about it being windy - will that keep blowing the stove out?


Milliways Fri 31-Aug-07 18:11:05

We have managed without, but it's alot easier if you have something to protect from wind. A hedge is good!

Some stoves have a lid that folds behind to make a break. We have an ancient 2 ring burner and usually cope, but DO take a windbreak now.

dustystar Fri 31-Aug-07 20:00:37

You can buy windbreaks at Argos for about £10

dustystar Fri 31-Aug-07 20:03:58

look here

Dottydot Sat 01-Sep-07 16:12:15

But do I really need one? I'm trying to make the first camping trip as inexpensive as possible, so if I don't like it and never want to go again, I won't get in trouble for spending lots of money! grin

My plan is of course to love it and then have the perfect excuse to buy a HUGE tent, bigger stoves, chairs, windbreaks - the lot!

dustystar Sat 01-Sep-07 18:11:10

So long as its not windy you'll be fine - any chance of borrowing one from a friend?

Blueblob Sun 02-Sep-07 23:12:52

I've never owned a windbreak and rarely had probs. This year I've taken a smaller tent with no room to cook inside and one of those one ring picnic stoves, with the can of gas. I just cook outside and put it on one of those stands for disposible BBQ's. If it is too windy then move to another side of the tent to cook. That can help quite a bit. Last night I was in an exposed windy field and didn't have any probs.

So I'd say you don't need one, so wait until you know how much you like it

Aefondkiss Sun 02-Sep-07 23:28:58

we have managed without, if it is windy could you take some sort of diy wind break?

UnquietDad Sun 02-Sep-07 23:35:58

And don't cook a lot of beans, or you will get windbreaks of another kind.

sallystrawberry Mon 03-Sep-07 00:14:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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