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Has anyone been camping in Edale?

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Dottydot Wed 29-Aug-07 14:56:05

I'm about to embark on my first camping trip with ds's and am thinking of going to Edale as it's only 40mins from home. I've looked on the UK campsite website and there are a couple on there but would love a personal recommendation if anyone's got one?

Meanwhile I'll just quietly panic at the thought of the cold/creepy crawlies/putting the tent up/ getting everything in it...

Dottydot Thu 30-Aug-07 19:08:04

Ah well - I'm going
here next Friday for 2 days with ds's!! grin

littleshebear Thu 30-Aug-07 20:55:39

We have been ito Upper Booth campsite in the pouring rain and it was lovely. Too late if you've already booked at that one but consider it for next time - although I know people who've been to Fieldhead and liked it. Upper Booth is on National trust farm and there is one field without car access so less hassle with little ones- also lots of sheep/chickens running about. Can get on Pennine way from campsite - beautiful surroundings.

We went for a weekend as we live in Manchester so close to home - went down Speedwell Cavern on the Saturday as it was raining then up Mam Tor on Sunday as weather had cleared - had absolutely lovely time.

enjoy yourselves!

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