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Would I be mad....

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swedishmum Wed 22-Aug-07 00:24:27

... to buy;MILSS0 7TentsSalethis as a camping virgin? My dd2 and ds are inspired after a few scout camps and I did camp a lot in my youth but dh so won't join in . The plan's to go by ourselves (5 of us) starting quite close to home.

swedishmum Wed 22-Aug-07 00:25:39

Even this.

seeker Wed 22-Aug-07 06:13:02

Looks like a nice tent - and it's a good price! If I remember correctly, you're in Kent, aren't you? If you are, I know a wonderful campsite in Folkestone for your first trip! It's the Camping and Caravanning Club site at Folkestone Warren - we go there often and love it!

swedishmum Wed 22-Aug-07 23:44:57

Excellent, that's just down the road - can pop home if we have a crisis! Many thanks. All I need now is some sunshine.... Are campsites open until autumn for weekends? I really do know nothing!

swedishmum Wed 22-Aug-07 23:50:45

Googled and it's open till October - we must get some sun before then!!

swedishmum Thu 23-Aug-07 00:23:03

OK bought it but not told dh - he's hotel man! He works away a lot so we'll go without him anyway.

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