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ooo*****ooo~~ Can we have a NODES POINT ROLL-CALL please~~ ooo****ooo

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mosschops30 Sat 18-Aug-07 19:07:23

Who's going this week then? Are we gonna meet up and say hello.

We get there Friday

Kewcumber Sat 18-Aug-07 19:48:09

not camping but I am going to Seaview tomorrow. Hurrah! and staying until 29 August. Possibly one other MN'ers coming over the bank hol weekend with DC's too. The weather is forecast to improve on Sunday (hopefull for the reat of august

tortoise Sat 18-Aug-07 19:51:32

I am taking my 4 DC to littlesea (weymouth) on the 21st for 4 nights camping. 1st ever camping trip, so it should be interesting .

mosschops30 Sun 19-Aug-07 20:30:01

Well we've been and bought everything we need today. Airbeds, chairs, kettle etc. God I must be mad, just hope the weather is gonna be nice!!

Kewcumber Sun 19-Aug-07 22:02:26

don't come down the A3 - there are roadworks a the devils punchbowl - we got stuck there for ages and nearly missed the ferry. Use M3 and go across from Southhampton.

sallystrawberry Mon 20-Aug-07 11:16:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mosschops30 Mon 20-Aug-07 15:57:31

LOL SS your sil sounds like me, everyone is taking bets on how long it will be before I am in the B&B down the road

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