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Has anyone camped at that Sandy Balls place?? whats it like?

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tiredemma Thu 16-Aug-07 15:44:15

have come across it on the web- looks good.

whats it like for families.

Im looking for somewhere for next year, this yr we left it too late booking places and ended up in places not so family friendly

MaloryTowersHasManners Thu 16-Aug-07 15:45:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tiredemma Thu 16-Aug-07 15:46:17

ski slope?

LadyVictoriaOfCake Thu 16-Aug-07 15:46:38

i'm sorry but pmsl @ sandy balls.

Kewcumber Thu 16-Aug-07 15:46:56

please tell me that name is a joke!

MaloryTowersHasManners Thu 16-Aug-07 15:47:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaloryTowersHasManners Thu 16-Aug-07 15:47:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tiredemma Thu 16-Aug-07 15:49:30

its real!

PIL took the boys camping to the New forest a few weeks ago.

when they came back ds1 was pissing himself laughing saying that they drove past a holiday site called 'sandy balls'

I lokked it up- and its there!! looks good aswell

Piggy Thu 16-Aug-07 15:49:59

I live 5 mins away and I'm a member of their gym. Seems to be very popular. Very nice part of the world, lots for children to do (pool, soft play, playgrounds etc) and a lovely spa place called Tempus.

tiredemma Thu 16-Aug-07 15:52:22

going to book it. looks fantastic for kids.

Blueblob Fri 17-Aug-07 21:02:24

No idea but just got back from the new forest and went to Fordingbridge a couple of days. The area looks very nice

sandyballs Sat 18-Aug-07 10:58:01

It is a lovely place, so nice that I named myself after it . I've never camped there though, only stayed in the cabins which are great. The camping part looks nice, and there is loads for kids to do and a very nice pub within walking distance with a kids climbing frame etc.

How many times have I said 'nice'

bambino1andbump Sun 19-Aug-07 16:44:33

Just been there a few weeks ago. Its fantastic. We all had a brilliant time. My three year old is still talking about it now every day.

Mercy Sun 19-Aug-07 16:48:24

Haven't camped there but stayed in a lodge twice. dd still raves about it 2/3 years later!

Anohter mumsnetter recently said that teh facilities have been refurbished (they need to be tbh)

DemobCod Sun 19-Aug-07 16:49:08

yes they wer ebuilding al winter
its near here

Bouquetsofdynomite Sun 19-Aug-07 20:34:07

We went first week of low season last year and it was great. They were still doing free play sessions so me and my 3yr old went and did play doh or drawing with the nice ladies.
Big, hedged pitches (you need to rent a roll of astroturf though as they are gravelly) and playgrounds inside the tent fields so you can keep an ear out for them.
Plenty of nature too.
The pub food and service was awful but I think they were building a new restaurant at the time. But it did do takeaway cartons of beer so that made up for it.
Great place for a family's first camping trip, all the facilities so you can work out what you can live without in future.
Nice pub restaurant on the river in Fordingbridge called the Duke or something, my then 1yr old loved being that close to the water (decent fence obviously.)

miljee Wed 22-Aug-07 12:50:46

Went camping in The Cornfield (only open in Aug) a couple of weeks ago for 4 nights. I would very much recommend it! It's a very long established site, been there for decades. They started off with static caravans, I believe (there are actually some permanent residents there which is rather sweet), then got cabins, then set up the permanent camp/caravan areas. By and large each individual plot has a hedge around 3 sides, making it quite private. It's also 'subdivided' into different areas on slightly different levels. They have just finished refurbishing the reception area and they've made a good job (and someone meets you kerbside so you don't have to get out of your car to book in!). I have to say the pub + food there was a bit lamentable and the bistro over priced but the well stocked supermarket was not unreasonable. 2 pools, one shallow outside, and a warm inside one (as in the boys with us, 6-9 stayed til they got bored, not cold. They do a wrist band system so it never got crowded). There's also a pool hall and amusement arcade and I believe a soft-play area. They have daily kid-centric entertainment and I believe a kids club. You can hire bikes. Note there were LOTS of kids on bikes around! There's a good sized adventure playground, too.

The washroom facilities were adequate and clean (temporary trailer ones in the Cornfield) but you could you use any of the other shower blocks.

It isn't the cheapest site BUT- to be honest, it kept out any riffraff! It's VERY family oriented.

As for family eating, try The Fighting Cocks, a short footpath walk away, or the Tudor Rose in Burley just north of Fordingbridge.

The name "Sandy Balls" comes from some local rock formation, apparently!! I remember guffawing at it a child, too!

fibernie Wed 22-Aug-07 12:52:10

Would recommend it - very clean toilet blocks!

Twyla Wed 22-Aug-07 16:06:36

We have just returned from a weeks camping in the cornfield. I couldn't recommend it enough. It rained most of the time we were there, so having the free swimming pool & soft play area to fill in the gaps was great.
The children quickly made friends with other kids on site & all in all despite the rubbish weather they had a fab time.

amidaiwish Wed 22-Aug-07 16:20:00

i went i july. we stayed in a porta-cabin type mobile home thing. it was fantastic.

are you going to camp or mobile-home?

only criticism was the on site restaurants were really really expensive and not very good so bring plenty of your own food. well stocked Spar shop though.

iamasurvivor Wed 22-Aug-07 16:46:18

sandy balls pmsl, sorry thats so immature, i will begger off now tata!

iamasurvivor Wed 22-Aug-07 16:47:23

my DH gets then if he lies on the sand for to long... sorry i really am going now...

cardy Wed 22-Aug-07 16:58:20

haven't been but have considered it, as I've heard good things about it. I think my SIL went when her kids were younger.

Aren't there wooden chalets or something?

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