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Can a camping trip be labelled a complete and utter failure if you give up at 3.30am and retreat to your Mothers spare bedroom.

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harleyd Sun 12-Aug-07 13:46:34

camping is great, but everybody has a night like this at least once

donnie Sun 12-Aug-07 13:43:32

well, I have always said why camp when there are hotels?

Kbear Sun 12-Aug-07 13:35:35

sorry, not very supportive but funny as...

Kbear Sun 12-Aug-07 13:34:03

I just spat my tea across the computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Slubberdegullion Sun 12-Aug-07 13:32:08

I mean how hard can one night of camping your parents back garden?


Lovely therm a rests I ordered on mon didn't turn up in time, so DC had to sleep on 300 blankets, and DH and I slept on the most ridiculously enormous 3 tiered air bed.

Burnt expensive sausages on bbq.

DC so excited and sugar pumped (by my mother who virtually gave them biscuits intravenously) while we put the tent up, that they didn't go to sleep until 9.45pm.
Is this normal?

DH shouted new phrase of rage:
"I'm so angry I'm going to shatter into a thousand pieces".


Airbed leaked, causing buttocks to sink to the floor, and legs/ankles to rise up with head. Awoke to the sound of dd1 vomiting and was unable to free myself. Cue 5 mins of struggling/cursing to extricate myself from the blessed thing.

Vomit in new sleeping bag. dd1 coughing so hard also shat herself a bit.

beaker of water spilt.

Trod on glasses in the afray.

So I waved the white flag, and we gave up.

So, just remind me, Oh MN happy campers, this malarkey at some point becomes enjoyable does it?

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