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So should we give camping another go?

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anchovies Thu 09-Aug-07 08:55:05

Well after a disasterous first attempt (very very similar to kathyissixincheshigh's, in fact I could have almost written it!) I am not sure I will ever be able persuade dh to go again!

Ds1 (3) slept fine but ds2 (17 months) was up all night, could have been the wind/rain, he was teething or his just his bad sleeping. Plus we had lost the car keys and all the food (wanted a bottle, milk and calpol) was in the car. Absolutely no sleep whatsoever in the end, gave up the next day when it was still bucketing it down and came home.

Dh wants to leave it til next year before we try again but I just think it could have been so much fun! What do you reckon, wait until next year when ds2 is a bit older or give it another go this year when the weather is better?

Sheherazadethegoat Thu 09-Aug-07 08:57:13

give it another go. ime the first night of a camping trip with 18m old is the hardest after that they are generally too knackered to do the up all night thing.

and obviously it would help if there was a huge power shower turn on over britain.

anchovies Thu 09-Aug-07 09:00:20

What do you think about everyone else on the campsite though? Felt terrible all night thinking we were keeping everyone awake, if not with ds's crying with my and dh's arguing over the lost car keys!

ernest Thu 09-Aug-07 09:08:41

why not wait til ds is a bit older, then it will have given time for the painful memories of this trip to fade? Next summer perhaps? I was too chicken to go with little ones. We went for 1st time with kids last summer, so ds3 was 2 & a half and had fab time. Give it another go, but next year, and look after those keys! We just got back and everyone selpt so well - up at 8 - 9 most days

anchovies Thu 09-Aug-07 11:01:27

Wow at getting up at 8 or 9! Completely see what you're saying I know it will be easier next year and as much as I want to go again I really think another bad attempt would put dh off for life!

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