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been invited camping for a weekend. im a total plank about such things so what will i need?

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mamazon Sat 04-Aug-07 18:22:23

for me and 2 children.
my brother has a 3 man tent which i am going to pinch. its small but i figuered its only for sleeping on so not such a problem.

we are meant to be going on the august bank holiday weekend for 2 nights.
what are the essentials i need and how much do they cost. everything needs to be as cheap as poss or we wouldn't be able to go.


MaureenMLove Sat 04-Aug-07 18:56:50

Are your friends going to do all the cooking?

mamazon Sat 04-Aug-07 19:04:33

hmm i wouldn't have thought so.
i just thought maybe i could get away with a small BBQ?

MaureenMLove Sat 04-Aug-07 19:11:51

You could, but it'll be a bit of a drag to light it all up for a cuppa when you wake up! Argos to a single burner cooker for £15.

Peachy Sat 04-Aug-07 19:15:53

single burner cooker and disposable barbecues, there's lots of one pot things you can do on a single burner anyway- one did us on our first camping trip of a week a few years back

otherwise just think about the normal things you do- chairs to sit (Millets and Asda both running deals atm), sleeping equipment (Millets camp beds at £9.99 eacha re fab, and then you could just use duvets tbh in August)

eating things


MaureenMLove Sat 04-Aug-07 19:18:39

Flip flops for showers and early morning loo runs.

mamazon Sat 04-Aug-07 19:26:10

really? i was waiting for a huge long list of massivly expensive things.

ooh im quite excited about it now then.
slightly freaked that i will; be asleep with me bum hanging out and one of the kids will wake and open the tent for all to see but other than that..really excited.

Peachy Sat 04-Aug-07 19:29:13

If you wre closer i'd lend you our stuf as we're not away that weekend- shame.

Take metal cutlery, palstic just isnt enough!

Agree with flip flops, we have Crocs (campsite sue only in case Cod is spying!!), but we camp a lot so was worth the investment

Tell you what we really like- we bought the cheapest plastic dootr mat in Asda and keep it in the reaer orf the car, use that on the tent- has been a godesnd some of the wetter trips this year

For the kids you can if you want put a cushion inside a plastic bag lol- thats all we ever did as kids, works fine.

Waswondering Sat 04-Aug-07 19:36:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Peachy Sat 04-Aug-07 19:44:30

Skip the adult readybeds from Argos though- ours in like a polyester sweat bag (tmi) in summer, we use the bed with sleeping abg on as a base and put a flannel lined bag on top

mamazon Sat 04-Aug-07 19:47:15

thanks for the the idea of cereal out of the box, my kids would thin that was fanstastic.

i was thinking of getting a big air bed and the three of us shareing with a duvet. would that work? Ds has a ready bed but im concious of the fact it is only a small tent.

Peachy Sat 04-Aug-07 19:50:18

TBH in a 3 bedded tent that would be ideal i think, they're rarely very big at all

Waswondering Sat 04-Aug-07 19:52:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mamazon Sat 04-Aug-07 20:15:32

ahh how very clever.
i was weondering about where we would keep food if it was warm.

ooh im in awe of your camping expertise

Peachy Sat 04-Aug-07 20:16:28

lots of campsites do a freezer block service where you cn get yours frozen (usually for30p or something similar) though we tend to buy fresh

Waswondering Sat 04-Aug-07 21:30:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Waswondering Sat 04-Aug-07 21:31:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lilolilmanchester Sat 04-Aug-07 21:38:15

I prefer a duvet to sleeping bag but note, airbeds get VERY cold, so we put an opened up sleeping bag on top of the airbed to insulate it.

mamazon Sat 04-Aug-07 21:57:23

ajmaking a note of all these tips. im really impressed with these.

im going to seem so proffesional

Skribble Sat 04-Aug-07 22:14:01

Def a layer on top of traditional air beds,

take loads and loads of duvets and blankets if you can if they stay folded up in the car fine but if it is cold you will be glad. Smaller fleecy blankets are ideal for wrapping round kids and your shoulders when sitting chatting at night.

A seat is a must!!! kids will be fine on a waterproof backed picnic rug (they are ideal for an insulating layer under the air bed too).

I would check what the cooking and meal arrangements are, no point in trying to take stuff if they have it all.

Much better to combine meals rather than two sets of food being prepared, I would get together and plan a list perhaps you look after lunches clod stuff salad sandwiches and all that and they do the dinners split the costs.

lilolilmanchester Sat 04-Aug-07 22:21:58

Pillows and hot water bottles also essentials in our tent! Also a water carrier, bin bags, kitchen roll, a few clothes pegs, lots of alcohol.

Skribble Sat 04-Aug-07 22:34:23

Oh yeh pillows, wellies for kids

lilolilmanchester Sat 04-Aug-07 22:35:22

no booze then Skribble? How do you get to sleep without it?

mamazon Sat 04-Aug-07 22:39:05

don't think booze will be an was one of the first things mentioned when they invited me lol.

what do i do about lighting. im assuming there are advances in the candles we had on our 1 and only camping trip as a child.
do you have to gert those vile gas lamp things or is it just torches and carrots?

lilolilmanchester Sat 04-Aug-07 22:45:38

nip to a camping shop and invest in a battery operated tent light (or perhaps someone else can tell you where yu can get one cheaper_ . Don't have candles/gas lights anywhere near your tent (but perhaps take some citronella candles for the table outside) - oh, and insect repellent. Make sure you do have a torch tho for finding your way to the loo when it's dark.
Where are you going mamazon?

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