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So, first camping trip under the belt, no longer a virgin! Yay! But, what's with the coffee?

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MaureenMLove Fri 03-Aug-07 20:14:16

Is it a big time camping faux pas to have freshly brewed coffee wafting through the site in the morning or a 'you're a real camper' kinda thing! I must know, because DH is keen and I can't remember if its a mn thing or not!

worzella Fri 03-Aug-07 20:33:55

It's a faux pas not to have freshly brewed coffee - well that's my opinion anyway!

MaureenMLove Fri 03-Aug-07 20:42:34

Cool! That works for me!

FillydoraTonks Fri 03-Aug-07 20:44:35

no you need freshly brewed coffee, otherwise you might as well get the Outwell carpets out (some people have carpets to match their tents. I don't)

MaureenMLove Fri 03-Aug-07 20:49:37

I saw that! There was an outwell there, with all the trimmings. Though it wasn't actually any bigger on the inside than ours. We bought a Skandika from Ebay for very little money and although we couldn't test it properly (it didn't rain), we are thrilled with it.

BBBee Sat 04-Aug-07 19:09:29

ffs get a way of getting good coffee - you will need it after a night in a tent.

I know it is roughing it but come on!

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