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puppydavies Fri 03-Aug-07 17:46:32

when's the best time to get a knock-down tent? i know there are sales on at the moment - is that the best price we'll get or is it worth waiting a month or so (need something by mid-sept)? do online places have their sales at the same time as bricks&mortar shops?


puppydavies Fri 03-Aug-07 21:27:15

bump - anyone?

fsmail Sat 04-Aug-07 19:07:59

Try Halfords they are selling off decent quality tents

mamazon Sat 04-Aug-07 19:11:17

i think i saw someone selling tents at half price. think it may have been argos.

Peachy Sat 04-Aug-07 19:36:24

get it now, if the weather warms up the prices will be back up pronto!

We normally by post season (and buy last eyasr colours- such an easy way to get a discount)

Do try ebay, many tents sellers on there are well known- eg outdoor megastore- and loads of people are swearing never again after one wet weekend atm

It depends on what you want as well. Argos tents are THE BEST imo for starters- if youre not sure why spend £300+ on a tent? We did that and just upgrade when we could. Next step up is something good and barely used- always a good idea, lots of peole (mum is doing this atm with her Cyclone) use their tent once and decide they need something else (mum's is way too huge for 2 lol)

tent shops and new are imo for people who know what they're after and know they will get lots of use- too much too blow otherwise

puppydavies Sat 04-Aug-07 23:20:21

thanks everyone. have been scouring so many bloody websites i dreamt about tents last night...

we're pretty sure what we're looking for peachy, just not sure it exists . we're committed campers but looking for a weekend tent that doesn't take up half the bloody boot or take 2 people to lift.

Peachy Sun 05-Aug-07 12:00:04

I bet if you post the spec on here someone'll know it if it exists, some of us are erm, a bit sad in that department

puppydavies Sun 05-Aug-07 12:55:24

thanks peachy. have done - see 'tent queens' thread. there's a beer and a bacon sarnie in it for the winner

puppydavies Sun 05-Aug-07 12:56:26

tent queens...

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