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Ok, 'best' camp bed recommendations please?

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miljee Thu 02-Aug-07 20:57:24

We currently have 1 x double blow up flock-topped air mattress for DH and I, and 2 x singles ditto for DSs, 8 and 6. ONE of them needs a separate pump, the others have integral pumps. Are they the way to go or would we be better off with 4 of those foldable 'army' type ones with the 3 criss-cross legs? They seem to weigh about 4-6 kg each but I haven't weighed our airbeds which do seem rather cumbersome. Also, are the army beds warmer? Everyone says the air mattresses are cold due to warmed air constantly moving away from your body so you get into that whole 'duvet on the ground underneath/space blanket' shenanigan. I'm trying to keep it easy and low-space occupying (when packed). Cost isn't a major issue in that I know army beds are 30 quid each whereas airbeds can be 8 quid each.

Please advise on my next thread, the sleeping bag dilemma too!

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