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Glo sticks/snap lights

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janinlondon Thu 02-Aug-07 08:42:06

Does anyone know a real shop where I can get these - ie: not online? TIA.

Beauregard Thu 02-Aug-07 09:26:55

Do you mean the luminous coloured glow sticks?
If so the poundland sell them.

yorkshirepudding Thu 02-Aug-07 09:29:58

Message withdrawn

MrsWeasley Thu 02-Aug-07 09:33:16

We bought some from the £1 shop once and after you activate them, they leaked and stripped the paint off a shelf!

janinlondon Thu 02-Aug-07 09:37:38

Mmmm, Mrs W, I think those are the ones I don't want!! I've tried Blacks and Millets. No one seems to have any of the safe ones.

vacaloca Thu 02-Aug-07 22:39:08

I bought them in Millets recently. They lasted all night and it was just the perfect amount of light, similar to a night light.

Kbear Thu 02-Aug-07 23:19:53

bought fantastic necklaces in Poundland, the girls loved them - bought sticks for the boys so they could be warriors or something but us girls loved the joolery!

twinsetandpearls Thu 02-Aug-07 23:26:14

our pound shop sells tham although they are crap. OUr campsite shop sells them.

Skribble Fri 03-Aug-07 00:03:57

The long thin ones tend to leak if you bend them to far and burst the sharp bits through the outer plastic.

Thes thicker ones don't leak

Its the thin ones like these that leak if you crack them too far.

janinlondon Fri 03-Aug-07 08:35:10

Good Lord I've uncovered a secret covern of glo stick aficionados! Thanks for the advice. Will try a different Millets and look for short sticks.

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