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micro fibre towels vs soft feel towels??

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autumnlover Sun 29-Jul-07 22:13:54

should i get some for camping? i would need 4 towels, probably 2 large and 2 medium for the kids.

what is the difference and are they worth the money??

any advice is much appreciated

Beanstermummy Mon 30-Jul-07 09:36:20

Hi. We have these (Life Adventure ones) large for Dh and me and medium for DD. Actaully got them when we were skiing in April and luggage space was proving an issue but now use them all the time for camping and generally going away anywhere space is limited. They are slightly strange to use at first as you're used to big fluffy ones, but they do work - and dry so easily. We tend to use ours quite a bit now when going swimming too.

Thoroughly recommned Hope this helps.

Troutpout Mon 30-Jul-07 10:04:40

We've got cheapo Aldi Microfibre towels
and they are absolutely fantastic. They fold up small into drawsting thingies and we took them on holiday for the first time recently and i am a complete convert. They are 70 cm by 140 cm so quite big really. They dry your body really quick..and then when hung outside they dry really quick too.
We bought them last August i as Aldi tend to get the same things in at about the same time every year...i shall be looking out for them again as i want 2 more

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