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SUN £9.50 holidays - collect tokens from this Saturday

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ChippyMinton Wed 04-Jul-07 15:56:09

Holiday start dates for this offer are:
Mon-Fri 4 night breaks
Sept 10,17,24, Oct 1,8,15,22,29, Nov 5,12,19,26
Fri-Mon 3 night breaks
Sept 7,14,21,28 Oct 5,12,19,26, Nov 2,9,19,23,30

Get your disguise ready for visiting the newsagent

Will stick this in the bargains topic too.

debbie26pet Thu 05-Jul-07 12:14:43

can they be used with tents and tourers?

ChippyMinton Thu 05-Jul-07 12:50:06

Don't think so - the offers are for staying in mobile homes/chalets on site.

policywonk Thu 05-Jul-07 12:52:24

Thanks Chippy

Jesus, can I bring myself to buy the Sun?

Penury vs morals struggle commences

<grunting noises>

dressedupnowheretogo Thu 05-Jul-07 12:54:05

thank you chippy

ChippyMinton Thu 05-Jul-07 13:35:08

cheapie hols win over everytime policywonk (i usually try and get someone else to get it for me!)

Shall we post our favourite sites?
I usually try for the isle of wight, but might go for the south coast this time. Park Resorts Camber Sands has been mentioned on here before. Anyone got any recommendations?

time4me Thu 05-Jul-07 15:56:34

I`ve used the sun tokens for years,they are great.Even better now there is a smoking ban,try Berwick,Haven.Brilliant.We visited Lindisfarne,Alnwick and Betty`s for tea on way back.Great caravan,spacious and ultra-clean.

ChippyMinton Thu 05-Jul-07 16:21:56

It's a fantastic location isn't it. Did you walk into the town around the huge fotifications? Sadly we all got a 24hr vomit bug so didn't get further than Berwick itself. Will go back one day.

policywonk Thu 05-Jul-07 16:23:42

Is there a list of sites somewhere?

TwoToTango Thu 05-Jul-07 16:42:00

this is the list of sites from the last time they did the offer. The lists are usually fairly similar. There will be a new one on the website probably a couple of days after the offer starts. HTH

time4me Thu 05-Jul-07 17:06:00

Yes we walked round.My husband was really snooty about going on a Sun £9.50 holiday,been oxbridge and all that,he loved it,fantastic cabaret,great location.I usually go with my mum but she was ill.We will go again.I urge you all to get the sun and get saving,don`t miss out.Starts saturday

policywonk Thu 05-Jul-07 20:24:28

Thank you, TwoToTango

ChippyMinton Fri 06-Jul-07 08:36:00

bump for everyone who has spent up in the Boden sale and now can't afford a holiday

ChippyMinton Sat 07-Jul-07 08:53:40

Put on your shell suit and false beard and buy the paper today!!!

Sixer Sat 07-Jul-07 20:46:26

flip flip flip flip. Both of us forgot to buy the paper today. Did anyone by any chance remember. I can't believe we forgot. I don't know how many times DP and I said to each other, "don't forget...." would anyone happen to have the word required please. Thanks. <<<<<damn>>>>>

charliecat Sat 07-Jul-07 20:48:13

i forgot too

ChippyMinton Sun 08-Jul-07 16:08:55

There might be a bonus token in the news of the world - worth a look.

ChippyMinton Mon 09-Jul-07 09:19:32

<note to self>


Oblomov Mon 09-Jul-07 09:39:03

We are collecting. Would like to go abroad, but UK will do.

Oblomov Mon 09-Jul-07 09:39:40

Yes, we already have a bonus token from the News OTW, on .. sat, I think.

ChippyMinton Mon 09-Jul-07 10:10:03

where do you fancy going Oblomov?

Oblomov Mon 09-Jul-07 10:16:39

Don't know, what about you CM ? Spain, I suppose, or France. The camping sites in France are very good , aren't they ?

ChippyMinton Mon 09-Jul-07 10:36:25

I'm hopefully packing DH & assorted DC off to the Isle of Wight with his folks as they deserve a break.

Just a caution about the 'abroad' holidays. You can usually book extra days once you've been allocated a break, but the prices can be higher than booking a holiday direct with siblu (or whoever) yourself.

ChippyMinton Mon 09-Jul-07 10:36:51

But, yes, the french sites are good

BigRon Thu 12-Jul-07 19:40:35

Did anyone get the "code name" in Sundays New of the World.

I would be greatful if you could let me know.


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